Hoops Recruiting: Texas guard visits Norman

DeSoto, Texas guard Michael Beal talks about his visit to Norman.

Jermaine Beal, G, 6'3, DeSOTO, TEXAS:

JH: What did you thing about your recent visit to OU?

JB: "I had a great time despite the fact the football team lost. The whole town was down after the loss, but everybody was still nice. I had a great time hanging out with the players and coaches. They were great and I had a very good time. We ate out a couple of times and we had fun at the On The Border Restaurant."

JH: What players did you hang with in Norman?

JB: I was hanging out with Austin (Johnson), the coach's son (Kellen Sampson), Terrell Everett and Nate Carter."

JH: What did you learn about Oklahoma that maybe you didn't know before?

JB: "I went to Oklahoma unofficially in the summer, so I already knew a lot about them. I don't think I learned that much about them that I didn't know before. I did learn that they have their own weight room, and that was pretty cool. I think their locker room and meeting rooms are great. I like the fact they have their own practice court and that we can get in on it any time we want."

JH: Now that you have visited Oklahoma how is your recruiting situation shaping up?

JB: "I liked the visit a lot. I go to Vanderbilt on the 17th. I told Coach (Kelvin) Sampson that Oklahoma and Vanderbilt are my top two schools. So after my visit to Vandy I will be able to tell OU a lot more about what I am thinking."

JH: Are you saying that your decision is down to OU and Vanderbilt?

JB: "Not really, but OU and Vandy are my top two schools. I am also looking at Oklahoma State, Baylor, Illinois and maybe SMU.

JH: What was your average last year and this summer?

JB: "I averaged 25 and five last year and around 14 this summer.

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