Recruiting: Minnesota TE likes OU's depth chart

Minneapolis, Minn. tight end Jordon McMichael talks about his visit to Norman.

Jordon McMichael, TE, 6-5, 230, 4.7, MINNEAPOLIS (BRECK SCHOOL), MINNESOTA:

JH: What did you think of your visit to OU this weekend?

JM: "I liked it a lot. I like the family atmosphere they have down there. I loved the game day atmosphere they had there. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. It was incredible just to go to a game there."

JH: What would it be like for you to actually play in that stadium in front of all those people?

JM: "That would be ridiculous. We play in front of maybe 200 people, so to play in front of 85,000 would be amazing."

JH: What did you learn about OU that maybe did know or think about before?

JM: "I didn't know that the campus is as small or compact as it is. You can walk to all your classes on that campus. Coach (Bob) Stoops impressed upon me that they stress academics at OU, and that is important to me and my family. The football facilities are great, but that didn't surprise me because I expected them to be great. I would say that the academics and the size of the campus are the two things that surprised me the most."

JH: Now that you have visited Oklahoma, did the Sooners enhance their chance to sign you?

JM: "I really liked my visit, but I really can't answer that question yet. I really don't have anything to compare it to because that was my first visit."

JH: What other visits have you set at this time?

JM: "I have a visit set with Boston College (9-17) and Nebraska (10-1). I am not sure after those other two if I will visit any other school or not."

JH: What did you think about how OU uses their tight ends and how do you feel you can fit in there if you sign with OU?

JM: "They used Joe Jon in the slot a lot. I liked how they use the tight ends and I like the depth chart a lot because they graduate two tight ends. That means that Joe Jon would be starting next year, but I would have a good chance to be the second tight end."

JH: How is your season going?

JM: "We are 1-0 thus far. I was triple-covered so it was hard to get any catches. I caught two balls for 17 yards and a touchdown."

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