Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Three

Sooners drop again in College Football Gazette Editor Wann Smith's latest rankings.

So here we sit entering our fourth week of college football with the Big 12 Conference confusing everyone. First of all, the conference as a whole has only lost four games to out-of-conference teams and oddly enough, the Sooners are responsible for half of those losses.

Equally eye-opening is that the four teams in the conference representing the state of Texas are undefeated with the single exception of Texas A&M's loss to Clemson. Teams that shouldn't be undefeated, are (e.g. Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Baylor) and the Big 12's showcase team, Oklahoma, looks more like the teams it feeds on in September than the team we're used to seeing.

Texas Tech is still posting gaudy, meaningless numbers, Kansas is still teasing us with hints of competency, Iowa State is promising to help restore a bit of the northern division's bruised ego, Colorado has its fans nervously whistling past the graveyard and Nebraska and Oklahoma State just know what's in store for them around the proverbial corner.

So, without further ado, the rankings.


1. Texas (3-0 0-0) Week three saw the Longhorns help themselves to a tepid bowl of Rice. The Owls wouldn't have been able to give Texas' junior varsity team a decent scrimmage.
Next up: October 1st – Missouri at Columbia.

2. Iowa State (2-0 0-0) The Cyclones took advantage of their bye week by heading to Paris to brush up on their sauces.
Next up: Friday, September 23rd – Army at West Point, NY.

3. Colorado (2-0 0-0) The Buffaloes spent their bye week as they usually do…holding team prayer meetings and helping the poor.
Next up: September 24th – Miami at Miami, Florida.

4. Texas A&M (1-1 0-0) I'd like to be able to denigrate the Aggies effortless 66-8 victory over the SMU Mustangs. However, since SMU beat TCU who beat OU… Next up: September 24th – Texas State in College Station.

5. Texas Tech (2-0 0-0) Eighty to twenty-one against Sam Houston State? What in the heck is that all about? I'll tell you what that's all about…it's about Leachs' machine rolling over another candied yam. And who in the heck ever heard of Cody Hodges? I'm beginning to think that Leach himself could play quarterback in that system and not suffer much of a drop off. Still…there's that 21 spot the Raiders allowed Sam Houston State to score that should concern the Techsters.
Next up: September 24th – Indiana State in Lubbock.

6. Oklahoma (1-2 0-0) I still have motion sickness from watching Bomar trying to handle those snaps from center. This team, ladies and gentlemen, simply should not be suffering the problems that they are enduring. Fumbles, errors in judgment, missed assignments, missed tackles…I hardly know where to begin…or stop. Most of these errors are mental and therefore avoidable. Oklahoma has too much talent to be sitting at 1-2 in mid-September. And be honest, folks, if John Blake were still bumbling around on the sidelines you'd be screaming for his head. Time for Stoops to clock in and earn some of that 2 mil.
Next up: October 1st – Kansas State in Norman.

7. Kansas State (2-0 0-0) The Wildcats are still in shock over that near-miss in Huntington on September 10th.
Next up: September 24th – North Texas in Manhattan.

8. Missouri (2-1 0-0) Gotta give Pinkel credit for doing this year what he coulda and shoulda done last year…beat Troy. The Tigers take the upcoming weekend off to get their affairs in order.
Next up: October 1st - Texas in Columbia.

9. Kansas (3-0 0-0) So far, so good for Mark Mangino. The Jayhawks have faced three cream pies and gobbled up each and every one. Tip for the Jays: use your bye week to practice pass defense.
Next up: October 1st – Texas Tech at Lubbock.

10. Nebraska (3-0 0-0) This is without a doubt, unquestionably, the worst undefeated team in America (with the single exception of team number eleven in our rankings). Still waiting for the citizens of the boring north to awaken and ride Callahan and Pederson out of town on a rail.
Next up: October 1st – Iowa State in Lincoln.

11. Oklahoma State (3-0 0-0) I was wrong in my picks column last weekend. I told you that OSU's game with Arkansas State was such a nauseating mismatch that it did not deserve comment. And then the Aggies went and made a game of it by eking out a 20-10 win .
Next up: October 1st – Colorado in Stillwater.

12. Baylor (3-0 0-0) Okay Guy. Nice job but time to hang ‘em up. I promised you a three win start and a three win season and now it's over. It's all uphill from here. Next up: October 1st – Texas A&M at College Station.


Wann Smith has served two years as national columnist for the Pigskin Post, contributed to the College Football News (a contributor to Fox Sports and the Sporting News) and is currently the editor of the College Football Gazette. Smith lives in St. Louis with his family.

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