Q&A with Adrian Peterson

Sophomore running back Adrian Peterson talks about new QB Rhett Bomar and the Sooner running game. (AP Photo/Ty Russell)

OU star running back Adrian Peterson is off to a slow start in the 2005 season. Through three games, Peterson has rushed for 341 yards at 4.4 yards per carry and five touchdowns, which of course is not anywhere close to the totals that people expected Peterson to be carrying at this time.

However, the sophomore remains upbeat and still believes that he and the Sooners are going to have a good year. He is also high on the Sooners new starting quarterback — Rhett Bomar. Peterson talks to OUInsider.com for the Two Minute Drill!

JH: Are you surprised about the physical way that Rhett runs the football?

AD: "No, I am not surprised at all. When I first came up here last year I was telling guys how physical he was and that he could run and all that. When I played with him in the All-American game I watched how physical he was at practice. Even at that practice he never tried to go out of bounds. He would try to run the defensive back over. Man, he is going to have to learn to go out of bounds. He doesn't need to run like me, he needs to get out of bounds."

JH: So you also think that he needs to learn how to slide or go out of bounds?

AD: "Yeah, sometimes I think he does. In certain situations he needs to get down or slide down. He doesn't need to take all that contact."

JH: Don't you think the coaches cringe when he takes on a safety or linebacker?

AD: "I don't know. Rhett is just a ballplayer. He is not your normal quarterback. With some quarterbacks you touch them and they wimp out and go down. Rhett is not like that, because he is a football player and he is playing football. He understands the sport and knows that it is a physical sport. He is just out there playing the game."

JH: Are you worried that he is going to get hurt?

AD: "No, because he is tough, I will tell you that. I don't think he is going to get hurt, because if I can take them on then he can."

JH: Did it invigorate the team a little bit when Paul was moved to wide receiver because Paul is so popular on the team that the team wants to see him succeed?

AD: "Yeah, we want everybody to succeed. But Paul means a lot to the team. He is at receiver now and we hope that he can do well."

JH: How much option stuff did you do in high school?

AD: "I have always been a running back who took hand-offs. We didn't do any option in high school — that wasn't for me. I did catch a few passes in high school and I can catch pitches now."

JH: How much do you like being the tailback when the Sooners are running their option package?

AD: "I think it shows a different part of my game. It shows I can get out there and catch the ball on the pitch. It is just something different for us and allows us to mix it up. It gives us a different look."

JH: So you like the option package that OU is using?

AD: "Sure, I like it. But I like the I-formation better. I would rather take a hand-off, but it is cool. Whatever they want to do. I want to run whatever works."

JH: Does OU have the student body sweep in the offense? If you do is it a good play for you?

AD: "Yeah, we have it in our offense. I can run that well and like that play. As the season goes along you are going to see that a little bit more."

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