Week Four Big 12 Power Rankings

College Football Gazette Editor Wann Smith breaks down the Big 12 heading into the opening week of conference action. Adrian Peterson and the Sooners check in at No. 5 despite their 1-2 start. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

After a short-slate of games on September 24th, the Big 12 does a bit of reshuffling. Iowa State dodges a bullet from the military, Colorado goes into a fight leading with its chin, A&M fails to impress against a non-team while both Texas Tech and Kansas State fatten on the frail.


1. Texas (3-0 0-0) The Longhorn's took September 24th off to prepare for their trip to Columbia. This coming weekend will be a true test of Mack's ability to motivate a team that is rapidly becoming overly confident. Remember last year's trip to Lawrence? The Horns should have won that one by a shovel full of points but had to rely on questionable officiating to leave town with a win.
Next up: October 1st – Missouri at Columbia.

2. Iowa State (3-0 0-0)
The Cyclones nearly spit the bit last weekend as they waltzed into West Point and played poorly enough to allow Army to stay within a touch. If ISU expects to play with the big boys in the upper echelons of the league they need to learn how to avoid the pitfall of looking past the English muffins on their schedule when a big game looms on the horizon.
Next up: October 1st – Nebraska at Lincoln.

3. Texas A&M (2-1 0-0)
What were the Aggies doing last Saturday…looking ahead to Baylor? The A&M defense displayed signs of weakness as they allowed Texas State (Texas State???) to gain 493 yards and score 31 in last weekend's snipe hunt. If the Aggies expect to compete in the heavyweight Big 12 South they'll need to keep their defensive levees from breaking against bigger waves than TSU can provide.
Next up: October 1st – Baylor in College Station.

4. Texas Tech (3-0 0-0)
Leach et. al. spent another weekend bullying the infirm as they posted 63 against a hapless basketball school. First test to come this weekend against a real Big 12 team.
Next up: October 1st – Kansas in Lubbock.

5. Oklahoma (1-2 0-0)
Controversy and confusion still seem to abound in Norman as the winds of panic are fanned with comparisons of AD to Marcus Dupree and, believe it or not, Joe Don Looney. Paul Thompson is catching passes instead of throwing them (who are the coaches kidding…the first time Bomar gets turf toe PT will be back behind center) while Hays McEachern has visions of sugarplums dancing in his head.
Next up: October 1st – Kansas State in Norman.

6. Kansas State (3-0 0-0) The Snydermobile continues to gain momentum as another compass school bites the dust. Next up…revenge in Norman?
Next up: October 1st – Oklahoma in Norman.

7. Missouri (2-1 0-0) Okay Gary…here's your big shot at credibility. Win and you'll solidify your program and your job…lose and you'll put another nail in your coffin.
Next up: October 1st - Texas in Columbia.

8. Colorado (2-1 0-0) Hats off to Colorado as they continue their efforts to make the Big 12 North look like the Sun Belt conference. The Beefaloes reverted back to their Big 12 Championship game form as they turned the ball over three times in a lackadaisical effort against Miami in Miami. The stats are misleading as they indicate Colorado stood toe-to-toe with Miami in most categories but the sad fact remains that the game was seldom in doubt.
Next up: October 1st – Oklahoma State in Stillwater.

9. Kansas (3-0 0-0) Whispering voices out of Lawrence indicate the Jayhawks are pointing towards this weekend's game, hoping to use it as a barometer of their progress. Still looking for a meaning for ‘Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk.' Anyone?
Next up: October 1st – Texas Tech at Lubbock.

10. Nebraska (3-0 0-0) Have you ever seen so many perturbed fans affiliated with an undefeated team? Callahan's gift for close personal relationships combined with his offensive prowess should serve him well in his position next year as regional manager for Taco Bell.
Next up: October 1st – Iowa State in Lincoln.

11. Oklahoma State (3-0 0-0) Flags atop Boone Pickens are unfurled as the Aggies prepare for the ‘big game' this weekend. OSU is just days away from going into their usual ‘Wait ‘till next year!' mode.
Next up: October 1st – Colorado in Stillwater.

12. Baylor (3-0 0-0) Texas A&M carries the singular distinction of being the only team in the past twenty-odd years to go into a Baylor game with ‘revenge' on their minds. It's time for Guy Morriss to show us what he's been doing down there for the past couple of years.
Next up: October 1st – Texas A&M at College Station.


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