Recruiting: RB set for visit, names a No. 1

Alexandria, La. running back Chris Brown talks about his upcoming visit to Norman.

Chris Brown, 5-10, 195, 4.5, RB, ALEXANDRIA (SENIOR HS), LOUISIANA:

JH: How is your season going thus far?

CB: "I am off to a great start. We have had a lot of changes going on because of the weather. We have cancelled two games so far and that is hurting us. Most of the people that we play have played four games and we have just played two. I hope we get to make up that game, but it was with Lake Charles and they got hit with the weather bad and their school is tore up. The team we play this Thursday has actually played five games."

JH: What are your stats at this point?

CB: "Through three games I have 390 yards and seven touchdowns. Things are going pretty good. A good start usually carries us through the season pretty good. If we can get through the season then we can be in good shape in the district."

JH: What is your team's record?

CB: "We are 2-1 so far."

JH: Aren't you visiting OU this weekend?

CB: "I am going to Oklahoma this weekend. Our game is on Thursday and I am going to get on a plane Friday evening."

JH: Are you looking forward to your visit to OU this weekend?

CB: "Yes, I am looking forward to it. When our coach told us that our game was moved up to Thursday the first thing that hit me was that I was going to be able to visit Oklahoma for this game. I was probably going to do it anyway since the OU game was a night game and I could get on a plan Saturday morning, but this works out so much better. I am really looking forward to this visit."

JH: As you get ready to visit OU where do the Sooners stand in your recruiting?

CB: "I would say that Oklahoma is No. 1. I have a great personal relationship with Coach (Cale) Gundy. We talk all the time in one form or another. I feel comfortable on the phone talking with him. He plays a big role in my recruiting. Everybody is going to say they have a good school, but he doesn't do that. We talk about a lot of different things and he tells me that when I get there I will be able to see for myself how good the school and the program is."

JH: Does the lack of depth at running back attract you to OU at all?

CB: "I think it would be good to go there and learn from somebody as good as AD, but that wouldn't be the primary reason that I would go there next year. I would go there to get adjusted to D-1 football and get to know the coaches and the system. The depth chart isn't really a factor in my thinking. They don't have a great deal of running backs, but the running backs that they do have to very good players."

JH: Who else are you considering at this point?

CB: "I am also considering Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi State."

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