Recruiting: Sooners get first crack at Ohio OL

Columbus, Ohio OL Lee Tilley talks about his interest in Oklahoma and upcoming visit to Norman.

Lee Tilley, OL, 6-7, 310, 5.1, COLUMBUS, OHIO:

JH: How is your season going?

LT: "We are 3-2 so far this year. I think things are going pretty well for us right now."

JH: How are you playing individually?

LT: "I think I am playing decently. There is always room for improvement. I am playing left tackle. We work with a grading scale with the best up to three points. I am always at 2.2 or 2.3, which is pretty good."

JH: What has it been like for you to hear from college coaches again?

LT: "That has been extraordinary. I am talking to some of the biggest names in college football. I look forward to that phone ringing every day. Will it be Spurrier or will it be Willingham? I have had the privilege of talking to so many great coaches that it has been a great deal of fun."

JH: Have you been talking to Oklahoma?

LT: "I have been talking to Kevin Wilson from Oklahoma and I am going on a visit to OU this weekend. I am real excited and I am looking forward to seeing what the school has to offer me. I have been hearing the recruiting pitch so many times that I need to see something real and something that I an ingrain in my mind. I am looking forward to find out what OU football is all about."

JH: Do you have a top three or top five?

LT: "Right now I am considering Oklahoma, Arizona State, LSU, Florida, Virginia Tech and Cincinnati. I have it down to six from 35, so that is not bad. I will take my visits and work from there. I can't cut from here until I take my visits. Oklahoma is the only school that I have set a visit with at this time. I am going to probably set up Arizona State, Florida and probably Virginia Tech."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

LT: "They are a great program that is having a tough season this year. You know that is not going to continue, but history tells you that Oklahoma is going to be good. Adrian Peterson is a great player. There is nothing fake about him he is so good and so talented. It would be nice to block for a guy like that because he is going his best every play. If I can just give him a little crack then he can take off."

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