Recruiting: OU makes Texas DTs top five

Mansfield, Texas defensive tackle Adrian Taylor update.

Adrian Taylor, DT, 6-5, 280, 5.1, MANSFIELD, TEXAS:

JH: How is your season going?

AT: "Right now we are 2-2, but we started out 0-2. We have some young guys on both sides of the ball and it has taken a while for us to get used to them. Right now we are starting to play pretty good together."

JH: How well are you playing?

AT: "I don't know my stats, but I just know I got my first touchdown. They put me at tight end and I caught a two-yard touchdown pass. I am playing both defensive end and defensive tackle. It depends on the situation really and where they need me the most on defense."

JH: I haven't talked to you in a while. How big are you now?

AT: "I am about 6-5 and 280 pounds. I put on some good weight in the summer and I still move the same."

JH: Are you enjoying the fact that college coaches are calling you again?

AT: "I am getting so many calls it is slowing me down. I get calls on my home phone and my cell phone. It is a good experience for me, but there is a lot that goes into it. I haven't ruled out any schools yet. I am still wide open I guess, but I don't see how I can rule anybody out."

(As Colorado rings on his cell phone and then Kansas right behind that call.)

JH: Have you narrowed down your choices at all?

AT: "I am still looking at OU, Kansas, UCLA, Texas A&M and Colorado. Those are roughly my top five."

JH: Have you set any visits yet?

AT: "No, I haven't. I won't take any visits until after our season."

JH: Do you have a favorite at this time?

AT: "No, I don't have a favorite. I never thought I was going to go to college so I don't have a favorite school or anything. I haven't seen all my school yet, so I haven't developed a favorite among them."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

AT: "Oklahoma is one of my top schools. I talk to Coach (Jackie) Shipp. They are at the top of my list. I took an unofficial visit there during the summer and really enjoyed meeting Coach Shipp and all the coaches."

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