Snyder on Oklahoma

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder talks about Saturday's matchup against Oklahoma.

Quotes courtesty of the Kansas State Sports Information Department.

Head Coach Bill Snyder:
On Oklahoma's offense

"I think they're getting where they want to be. It was obvious in the UCLA ball game, as I viewed it, that they've made a tremendous amount of progress. They have confidence in Bomar and he adds a couple of dimensions that haven't been prevalent in the past. I think they understand now that they have a very well-balanced offense and they realize where they want to be. When I say where they want to be I know that they want to continue to improve but I think they realize they have the ability to throw it and run it. They do have the balance they need."

On Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson
"He's just a fantastic running back. He's got all of it. He's got size, he's got speed, he's got athletic ability, and he's a tough young guy. He runs laterally very well and runs down hill extremely well. He's one of those guys that they get him the ball out on the edge going wide and kind of stretches your defense and then when he turns it up you don't have the angles that you'd like to have on him. If they create a little separation between your defenders - you can't arm tackle him that's for sure and it's hard to tackle him with just one guy sometimes. He's pretty good."

On Oklahoma's 1-2 start
"They're just growing on offense every day. I'm fearful of them having two weeks to grow, that's my concern. I don't understand the term ‘rebuilding' or the things that seem to accompany that. You are what you are. Some days you're good and some days you're not so good. Some years you're good and some years you're not so good. It's day by day and week by week, you sum up a year and say if it was a good year or wasn't a good year and move on. What Oklahoma, like any program in our conference, is playing for is all in front of us. You have to wait until it's all over. If you fight 15 rounds, it's not over until it's over. We've got a lot of time left."

Junior Linebacker Maurice Mack
On Adrian Peterson

"He's a good back just like Cobbs and Thomas were (of North Texas). In the Big 12 we are going to have big great backs every week and he is no different."

On Oklahoma's offense looking different opposed to last year
"I think they have looked a little bit different but, I don't think they are going to change much from what they have done in the past. Oklahoma is going to be Oklahoma, and once they find the right things to make them successful they will establish that."

On the difference of personality and mobility of Oklahoma's quarterback this year
"Jason White really didn't like to run, he liked to sit in the pocket and wait, but now Bomar is a running quarterback and we have to really contain him."

Senior Wide Receiver Davin Dennis
On playing in front of a big crowd like Oklahoma

"We have to feed off that, and if we get intimidated by that it won't be a good thing. In my career we have played in front of some hostile crowds, so that experience will hopefully help me."

Junior Defensive Tackle Quintin Echols
On the young inexperienced OU quarterback

"With his lack of experience he makes up with athletic ability, so we can't go after him too much because he is a great scrambler. We have to stick with our regular game plan and do whatever the coaches tell us. We just have to go out and execute our game plan."

On recent matchups with Oklahoma being so close
"I think it's just on any given Saturday, anybody can beat anybody, and I think it's just come down to finding a way to put it all together. In terms of a rivalry, I take it as one. I really want to beat OU. They've always been the powerhouse in the Big 12, and whether they're 1-2 or 3-0, you want to go down to Norman and come out with a victory."

On if he's surprised by how OU has struggled this year
"No, not at all. I think that they are going through some of the problems that we are. They have a lot of young kids that are trying to play for them, and I think they are just going through some growing pains. You watch film, and they still look good. On film, their defense looks like they did in 2003 and 2004."

On being leery of OU putting it all together
"I think this team is just not running on all cylinders, but once they get that ironed out, they are going to be a good football team. Hopefully, we can go to Norman and catch them when something is not firing."

Junior Quarterback Allen Webb
On getting prepared for a big game

"I'm going to try and treat it like a normal game. I know it's a big game, and for our team, there's going to be a lot of preparation. So it's important for us to do a lot of film study. There's no doubt it's a big game for us, opening up the Big 12 schedule. Everybody's excited and ready to go on the road."

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