Recruiting: OU still No. 1 for Louisiana RB?

Alexandria, La. four-star running back Chris Brown talks about his visit to Norman.

Chris Brown, RB, 5-11, 195, 4.5, ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA:

JH: How did your visit go to Oklahoma this weekend?

CB: "It went OK, it went pretty good. I got to hang out with a lot of players and it was a good learning experience for me. I have never been to a place like Oklahoma and I learned that they have a good fan base and great facilities. I really enjoyed my visit and I learned a lot about the team and the university."

JH: You say it was a good learning experience for you. Could you get into what you mean a little further?

CB: "I am talking about all around. I learned a lot about how the players are and how the coaches handle pre- and post-game activities. I saw that the facilities are very close to the classes. In fact, you can walk everywhere. That is very appealing to me. I learned how the team reacts on gameday and how they handle their past games."

JH: I am sure you watched the game with Kansas State closely, so what did you think about the Sooners offense and their running backs?

CB: "I learned that they run a lot of stuff that we run and that we do. They run a lot of I-back stuff just like we do. I think what they do is great for a running back, and I put myself into that position as I watched the game. I saw myself lining up for OU and running many of the same plays."

JH: What did you think of the offense?

CB: "It was great. They were able to run the ball and throw the ball very well. It was a lot like how we run and pass the ball as well."

JH: Now that you have been to Oklahoma how do you view recruiting?

CB: "Well, I look at it kind of different now because everybody is going the same or nice facilities. It comes down to spending time with the players, and especially the young players, because that is who I would be spending my time with if I go there."

JH: Did your visit to OU enhance the possibility of you signing with OU?

CB: "It enhanced it because I really wanted to get around Oklahoma and see how they handle things on game day. I wanted to get around the players and see how they handled things, and I really enjoyed my visit."

JH: Before you took your visit you told me that Oklahoma was No. 1 on o your list. So now that you have taken that visit, is Oklahoma still No. 1?

CB: "Yes sir. And they are probably a little more right now because I have had the opportunity to get to Oklahoma and witness how good they are myself."

JH: When was your last game? Aand how did you do in that game?

CB: "My last game was Thursday. I had 165 yards rushing on 18 carries and two touchdowns. That puts me up to around 600 yards through four games."

JH: When Adrian got hurt in the game did you think to yourself, even for a minute, that that could be me going in for him?

CB: "Yes sir. I thought about it for sure. That would have been a chance for me right there. And if that did happen and I was on the team, then I felt that could have been me out there playing for Adrian."

JH: Did you meet AD on your trip?

CB: "He is a real nice guy. He is always smiling. He is not cocky at all. He just plays the game. As I watched pregame he got a little confidenct, but what player doesn't?"

JH: When are you going to take your next visit?

CB: "I am supposedly next month going to Arkansas with a few of my teammates. After that I really don't know where I am going to go because after that we don't have any more days when we play our games on Thursday. I will probably visit Alabama after the season. I will probably visit Mississippi as well."

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