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See inside for excerpts from Texas head coach Mack Brown's weekly press conference Monday in Austin. Brown talks about Rhett Bomar, Adrian Peterson, OU's offense and defense, the future of the game in Dallas and much, much more. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

Below are excerpts from Texas head coach Mack Brown's weekly press conference Monday in Austin. The quotes are courtesy of

Opening statement on Oklahoma
Oklahoma has been playing football for 110 years, The University of Texas has been playing for 112 years and even though this might not be the game of the century this will definitely be the century game. The guys will be able to remember this for the rest of their lives. They are pulling Keith Jackson from the west coast to come in and do the game, because he wanted to do it because he has done so many 100th games across the country and he has done so many of the Texas versus OU games that this would be fun for him. The two great universities have been competing a long time. I think in every case, if you start looking at the top 10 rivalry games in the country, this one is always mentioned in the top, which is a great credit to the two schools. The stats are always different, the game is always full of surprises, it's usually about championships, because the team that comes out on top in modern times is usually going to play for the Big 12 Championship at the end if they stay healthy and they do the things they need to do.

It's definitely about pride and it's definitely about bragging rights and there's no question that we obviously have not been able to brag over the last few years. We will handle the hype and dial up our focus and dial up the tradition because it is a very important part of this game this week. OU is the same team they have always been, they played great Saturday night against Kansas State and we will work on our focus. It was an interesting stat in looking at it this morning, I really hadn't realized it, over three of the last four years the game has been within six points of each other going into the fourth quarter. You really have to give Oklahoma credit for playing well down the stretch and we have to finish better. One of the things we like so much about the team right now is since the Missouri game last year, this team has finished better. We've played in the fourth quarters better than any team I have been associated with in my coaching career. It should be an exciting time, it's always a great game, it's the reason I personally came to Texas -- to coach in games like this. It was fun at the Rose Bowl, it was fun at Ohio State and this should be a fun week for everybody, with the talk and the chatter. Just the talk about the history, not even knowing it was the 100th game this year, which even makes it more special.

On going into this game as the favorite
I don't think in a game like this favorites matter. History doesn't matter. The last five years, the last twenty years doesn't matter. It's the best team on that Saturday. I think it will be a great game on Saturday. I think you always have to look at this one as an even game because of the emotion, because emotion changes a lot of things that happen. We never look at who is supposed to win, who is not supposed to win; Coach Royal said that's why they have 0-0 on the scoreboard to start.

On this being a big game similar to Ohio State
It is like Ohio State because of the history, the consequences of the game because we want to be in Houston for the Big 12 Championship game. This is a game for both teams that is very important to try and continue to reach that goal because OU is undefeated in the league as well.

On if he is surprised that OU has lost two games
I don't know anymore in college football. I get surprised every week. What I know is Saturday night against Kansas State it looked like the same OU team we have been playing since we have been here. So I think whatever struggles they had early, those are out of the way and they have a really good football team right now.

On his most memorable experience in the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry
The most memorable experience would be the first one I had and that was driving into the fairgrounds in '84 and that was because it was pouring and you couldn't see on either side and in the old days you drove right down the middle of the fairgrounds. You didn't come in the back and I have never seen that many people in the rain screaming at each other. It was the most unbelievable thing, and I think it was No. 1 versus No. 2, and it rained so hard you couldn't see throughout the game and not one person left the stadium. I just wasn't used to that, there is usually a TV in a bar somewhere that somebody would go watch. That told me how special this game was back then.

On Adrian Peterson
Adrian is a great player and he is a tough guy and he is from the state of Texas and he will be full speed and ready to go on Saturday. I am sure we will see the best out of Adrian.

On Oklahoma's offense
We thought Rhett Bomar was the number one quarterback in the country the year he came out. We think he is a great player and he really got settled on Saturday and threw his first touchdown pass and I think he will be one of the great quarterbacks to ever play at Oklahoma before he finishes.

On being judged by his performance in this game
It really doesn't matter, it bothered me four or five years ago and I get judged on different things by different people and if this is the one they are judging me on, I haven't done very good. You don't need motivation to coach in any game, especially this one. I wish they would judge me by some of the ones we won all the time.

On Oklahoma being a young team
I think they have a lot of new faces and it took the new faces a game or two to get coached and to get settled and Bob as done a great job with them. I think they have already replaced a lot of those guys last year, just by the experience of the first four weeks. You have to give them a lot of credit to come off of a loss to UCLA and rebounded like they did in two weeks at Kansas State. I think they did a great coaching job. The difference in the team at Kansas State and UCLA, they are not the same team, so give Bob and that staff credit for doing a great job.

On Oklahoma's defense
The best thing they have done on defense throughout the years is stop they run and they are No. 3 in the country against the rush again. I think they are giving up less than 100 yards and they do a great job with low pad level and chasing that football. That is something that traditionally we have seen out of their football teams and they are well coached. Some people have questioned their talent level, but they have recruited as good as anyone in the country every year. It's hard to brag on somebody for having the best recruiting class in the country and then say they don't have any players. If you look at the guys, they are well coached, they are very talented and they play very hard. And that is a credit to their coaching staff.

On being able to stop Oklahoma's running game
If you go back and look at this game on certain years, neither one of us has run it that well, on some years we haven't run it well, and they have run it for a bunch. That is a concern. Anytime you go into a football game and the other team can run the ball on you, you will most likely lose. Sally asked me when she first started watching football what do you need to look for to see if we are in trouble or not, and I said if they are running it really good and we are not in the first quarter we are probably in trouble.

On this game being different this year
I think we have a better team. We've had great experiences with this program since mid-season of last year, and we've got the second-longest winning streak in the country right now. It's been fun to watch these guys handle adversity, and this is a game whereby and large, there will be changes of momentum because of the emotion of the game. They have a lot of Texas players, so those guys want to play really hard in this game, and the history of the game makes it an emotional game. Because it's split down the middle with both crowds, the emotion changes and it's never quiet at this game. It's loud from one end the entire game, and your team really has to be able to handle adversity. This team has handled adversity better than any other team that we've had.

On playing in Dallas as opposed to at home
I've been asked a lot about that in the last ten days, and that's really for President Faulkner, and the OU people to decide. It's a special game on a consistent basis, and only Florida and Georgia do this. I don't know if there's anyone else that's doing it. Then athletic directors have to look at the money that it brings into their communities and the money that you make as a university, because it's so much more expensive now. Everyone has so many fully funded sports, so I think it will probably end up being more of a financial decision than a football decision.

On tradition being more important than money
I've got my plate full this week, and where this game is played is not one of my issues. If they play this one at a parking lot, I'm going to show up. There are a lot of people that have been here a long time, and will be here long after I'm gone that should have input into that decision. I really don't think a coach should, because I'm a visitor. That game was here long before I was born, and a lot of people have put a lot of history into it, and I think those are the people that need to make that decision. It would be really selfish of me to have an eight-year opinion on a game that's been going for a hundred years. That's why, when I've been asked, I've said I don't think that I qualify. I'm not from either state, and I've coached in the game from both places, but I think that decision needs to be made with people that have a lot more commitment in this game through a hundred years than I do. I really feel that way, and I think it's so important. It's such a big issue for Dallas, Norman, Austin, for both schools, for history and tradition, that I'm glad I'm not part of the decision, because I don't know what I'd do.

On the difference in Vince Young from years past
Vince is 21-2 as a starter, and he's got the second best winning percentage in Texas football history behind James Street, who was 20-0. This is one of the games he lost last year, and he lost to Washington State. He only played the first half and a series in the third quarter, and I really feel like Vince's progression started after the Missouri game last year. He has been a really good, confident, poised, and competitive football player since Texas Tech last year. He's just been a different guy, and I don't think the confident Vince Young that we're seeing now has ever played in this ballgame. I think this will be the first time with his maturity and his confidence that he'll be able to walk into the Cotton Bowl. He's also completing over 65 percent of his passes, which is the most pass-completions by percentage in the history of our school, so I think we've answered that passing question too.

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