Hoops Recruiting: Coale lands another star

Top 20 prospect Amanda Thompson talks about her commitment to Oklahoma.


(Note: Thompson is ranked as one of the top 20 players in the country.)

JH: Talk about your decision to commit to Oklahoma?

AT: "It was the first time I talked to Coach Coale and we had a nice conversation. She let me know that they were interested and from that conversation I wanted to know more about their school. Once I went on a visit I just liked everything about their program and the school. Everybody in Oklahoma was real nice and it felt right for me. They made me feel real comfortable."

JH: Have you always been a fan of Oklahoma?

AT: "No, I really didn't know about them until my junior year. I didn't know anything about them my freshman or sophomore year. My junior year I started to study colleges and Oklahoma just came up. I just kind of went from there. They stuck with me and they were there for me at the beginning. I took that as an important factor. They stayed with me all the way from the beginning of the recruiting process to the end."

JH: Did the signing the Paris twins have anything to do with your decision?

AT: "When I came down there and played with them we made a real nice connection. I knew if I went there we would have a real good guard/post game. I knew that would be better for the program and I thought that would be real important for the future."

JH: What other schools did you consider?

AT: "I considered Georgia and LSU."

JH: Describe your style of play?

AT: "I like to take it to the basket, but lately I have been working on my jump shot and it is improving every day. At school, I play the post, but I can play the guard too. I play either one depending on how the game is going. I work on both. I play inside because I like to grab rebounds, but I like to play guard because I like to take the ball to the basket and either score or pass. I think I have a good all-around game."

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