Recruiting: "I love Oklahoma but..."

Is Schertz, Texas running back James Henry's commitment to Oklahoma still solid? Henry talks about his recent trip to Austin and upcoming visit to Norman. (Photo by Ryan Carssow)

James Henry, RB, 6-2, 205, 4.5, SHCERTZ (SAMUEL CLEMENS HS), TEXAS:

OUIn: How did you play in your last game?

JH: "In my last game I had 10 carries for 130 yards and three touchdowns. I didn't play much defense. This weekend is the first weekend that I am going to start both ways. I am going to play corner this week, because they play a bunch of sweep drills and my big frame will help shut that down."

OUIn: Did you make a visit to the University of Texas this weekend?

JH: "It was an unofficial visit. I just went up there because it was a game that was close and my grandparents have not been able to go to many college games. We just went up there to have fun and stuff."

OUIn: Did you get a chance to talk to the Texas coaches much?

JH: "I talked to the coaches quite a bit. I talked to Coach Brown, I talked to everybody."

OUIn: What did you think of your visit to Texas?

JH: "It was cool to go to a different school and hang out. I got to hang out with Vince Young, Michael Huff and Sergio Kindle, who is the No. 1 linebacker in the country. I certainly have no complaints."

OUIn: So does this visit change your status in recruiting?

JH: "No sir. I am still committed, but my family and my coaches have been telling me to keep my options because I committed so early. I am still committed, but I am going to keep my options open."

OUIn: Have you told the OU coaches that you visited Texas this weekend?

JH: "No sir. I think Coach Wright found out about it, but they really haven't said much about it. It was just one of those last minute things just to up there and see what they were like. My parents graduated form CU (Colorado) and they just wanted to check it out. I didn't really think too much about it."

OUIn: Are you visiting OU this weekend?

JH: "Yes sir. I am leaving Saturday morning and that will be my first official visit."

OUIn: What do you hope to accomplish on your visit to OU this weekend?

JH: "I just hope to go up there and confirm my commitment. I want to hang out with some of the players and just be with some of my future teammates."

OUIn: Adrian Peterson has been hurt and may not play Saturday against Baylor. Have you thought about the irony that if you were at OU right now you might be starting at tailback on Saturday?

JH: "Yes, the coaches were joking with me that they were going to bring me up there this weekend and suit me up and stick me in the line up. I hope Adrian is healthy, because I love watching him play, but next year if he is not healthy for a game or two I hope to step in and pick it up where he left off."

OUIn: Have you set any other official visits, outside of Oklahoma at this time?

JH: "OU is the only official visit that I have set up. We are talking to LSU, Texas A&M and Texas about setting up visits there. This is a once in a lift time decision for me. I love Oklahoma, but I just think it is important to see what else is out there. I have only been outside Texas or my area twice in my life, and one of those times was when I visited Oklahoma this summer. I just want to see what is out there and feel I need to do that for me. I am still committed to Oklahoma, but I feel I need to take another visit or two just for my own piece of mind."

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