Morriss: "They may wake up this week"

See inside for Baylor head coach Guy Morriss' thoughts on Saturday's matchup against Oklahoma. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

On the game against Oklahoma

Morriss: Well, we're looking forward to coming to Norman. Excited about the opportunity to play on TV and all that good stuff. We're just kind a doing our thing and trying to get ourselves a little bowl game you know.

On Oklahoma, a team that played in the BCS championship last year, scrapping for wins to get to a bowl game this year in a similar fashion as Baylor

Morriss: Yeah, that is kind of ironic. I don't know that I would compare them to us just yet. They're still extremely talented, well-coached. They may wake up this week. You never know.

On if Oklahoma woke up in the second half against Kansas

Morriss: Probably not to the Oklahoma teams of old. No, I don't think so. But certainly it looked like they were making some progress I guess.

I have not watched a lot of their offense yet, but I know they're talented over there. There's no question, even with the big guy (Adrian Peterson) out.

On him hinting at Big 12 media day that he thought his team would be more respectable this season, and if he thinks that is definitely the case

Morriss: Yeah, I think so. You can just look at scores and see that I think we've made some progress. The two losses that we had were by a total of 12 points.

Yeah, I think we're getting a little more respect and moving in the right direction, as far as being competitive.

On what's been the key to them being more competitive

Morriss: Well, I think that some of the success has been from kids being more comfortable in the system. They've really bought into what we're doing.

They're playing hard. To some degree, they were probably overachieving. Some of our younger players that we recruited are now stepping up and making plays and that kind of stuff.

We just have to keep recruiting better talent and plugging them into the system and we'll get better and better each year. I think that's the way you build it.

On what he was thinking to leave Kentucky and take the Baylor job

Morriss: Well, because I needed one (a job) at that time. I was familiar with Baylor, obviously playing against them in the old Southwest conference.

But I just believed that here's a university sitting in the central part of the state -- the richest talent pool in America. If I could come down here and recruit some of those players to come to Baylor, then we could turn this around.

Now we've got some work to do still. We've got to catch up a little bit facility-wise, but all those things are in the works.

I think that we try to sell our university as best we can. It's a great academic school. It's private, classes are small. It's a faith based institution. I think there's a lot of families out there looking for that.

Kids nowadays all think they're going to the NFL. They're going to play forever. And we've got over 100 years of NFL experience on our staff as players and or coaches and we really try to sell that.

It's just our whole entire package that we try to sell. And for all those reasons I thought we could restore some competiveness to this program and get them moving right in direction.

We can compete for a championship certainly one of these days. Certainly, we can compete for bowl spots and those type of things.

On how close they are to being at that level

Morriss: Well, if we can find two more wins then we'll probably go bowling. So we've maybe made that step.

Championships? I won't put any time frame on it, but when we came here we knew it was going to be a long-term process. But I think we're right on schedule.

On if the biggest obstacle for him to overcome was the players' attitude or talent

Morriss: The biggest thing probably was the attitude. I really believe that.

I think we've got enough talent that we can hunt and pick two more out of this last five and get in a bowl.

On who to watch for offensively on Saturday

Morriss: Paul Mosely is our running back. Him and Brandon Whitaker have been a good 1-2 punch for us. We didn't run the ball very good against Nebraska and will certainly be challenged to do that this week against OU's defense.

Trent Shelton, Dominuque Zeigler, Shaun Rochon have all contributed significantly as wide receivers. They're playmakers and we've got to get the ball to them and see if they can do something with after they catch it.

Our tight end, Jason Smith, has played well. He's a redshirt freshman. He had a couple of big timely catches against Iowa State. He's played pretty good.

On their defense

Morriss: We've got several people on our defense playing pretty well.

Willie Andrews probably played his best game of his young life last week against Nebraska. Montez Murphy, Collin Allred, C.J. Wilson.

Defensively, we're playing pretty good right now. They're really flying around to the ball.

On the matchup against Oklahoma

Morriss: It's like I said earlier, they're very talented. There's no question about that. They're just, for whatever reason, struggling a little bit on offense.

But they've got a big, veteran offensive line. Very senior-oriented group. Obviously, they miss Peterson.

I think you got yourself a redshirt freshman back there at the trigger spot and probably people are showing him some things he hasn't seen before -- coming after him a little bit.

Of course, that can disrupt the rhythm of the passing game and so forth. But I tell you what, the more he plays and the more he sees ,the better he's going to become.

Defensively, they seem to me like they're very similar to a Nebraska. I think their front four is extremely talented. Comparing the front lines, I'd say maybe Nebraska is stronger defensive line, but certainly Oklahoma gets the edge as far as quickness and speed.

The linebackers are very similar. They all run well and get to their pass coverage very well. In the secondary, Oklahoma is very young again but very talented. They just need to probably season a little bit more.

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