Recruiting: OL waiting for OU's offer

Claremore, Okla. offensive lineman Brian Lepak update.

Brian Lepak, OL, 6'4, 285, 5.2, CLAREMORE, OKLAHOMA:

Brian Lepak has been one of the most well-known offensive linemen for the past couple of years, and he has many fans in Oklahoma saying he is the one of the best offensive linemen in the state.

Lepak broke into the starting line up as a sophomore, but broke his arm his sophomore year and missed all of his junior season.

"My injury was very serious. I broke my humorous bone in my arm in a scrimmage," said Lepak. "I had my arm out blocking and one of my own teammates ran right through it snapping it. It broke into three pieces. It napped in half right above my elbow. They told me it would take six months to get back and I got back in five and a half. I took a lot of calcium, road the bike all the time, and before you know it I was able to work out."

Lepak jumped right back into the starting line up his senior year and says his arm is just fine.

"My arm is no longer injured. It doesn't bother me at all," said LePak. "I worked as hard as I could to get back into football shape. My goal was to get back and make it to the OU football camp" said Lepak. "I did every well in that camp. Coach Wilson said he liked what he saw and said that I made a lot of improvement since my sophomore year. He said that I played very well in my pads.

"So far this season is going great. We are 4-3 and playing well, and I am playing well. We have to win two out of last three games to go to the playoffs. My offensive line coach keeps stats, but he doesn't tell me what they are. I went back and did them myself the first game and I had 17 knockdowns. I don't bother to check them any more because I am more focused on just playing well and winning."

Lepak can bench 350 pounds, squats 500 and he has a 23-inch vertical jump. Lepak has offers from Tulsa and TCU, but is waiting for more.

"All I am thinking about is playing my games and then send my tapes out and see what some of these colleges think," said Lepak. "Texas Tech says they really like what they see and I think they are very close to offering me," said Lepak. "Arkansas called me tonight and they say they like me. They are continuing to evaluate me and I think they are close to offering me."

What are his thoughts on OU?

"Right now Oklahoma just looked at my tape," said Lepak. "They looked at it during the week of the Texas game. Coach Wilson told my coach that he really liked my tape. Right now I am just waiting to see what they are going to do. Coach Wilson says that OU is maybe going to take eight offensive linemen.

"He says he is looking at a couple of Juco guys and then he is looking to sign a couple of high school guys that can play right away. He said that he is considering me and that he looks at me as a player that would develop for a couple of years.

"My family is from Oklahoma and my entire family, on both sides, has all gone to OU. We are an OU family. And from that you can get a feeling what I would like to happen."

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