Oklahoma-Baylor Grade Card

Pictured above: Freshman receiver Juaquin Iglesias catches the game-winning touchdown in overtime. See inside for Tony Sellars' position-by-position breakdown of OU's 37-30 double-overtime win over Baylor.. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)


Overall, Rhett Bomar's best overall performance. He appeared more comfortable in pressure situations, handled the communication from the bench better and made some outstanding throws. His game-winning touchdown pass to Juaquin Iglesias in the face of an all-out blitz was a thing of beauty, and he made several excellent ball fakes.

Bomar still had his blemishes, throwing behind receivers on occasion and once again fumbling after being hit on a running play. His overall completion percentage was still too low, 24-of-42, but he can't be faulted for his two interceptions. On the first, Paul Thompson fell down and failed to contest the defender for a ball that was thrown well and the second was a desperation toss at the end of regulation.

Bomar has now put together three solid halves in a row.

Grade: B+

Running Backs

Given the fact that just hours before the game, the Sooners found out that they would be down to their fourth and fifth running backs, you have to give Jacob Gutierrez and Allen Patrick an A for effort. Gutierrez ran more in this game than he had previously done in his entire OU career, toting the mail 30 times for 173 yards and two scores, while Patrick was a capable backup, running hard with 49 yards on 15 carries and a pass reception for 12 yards. Throw in J.D. Runnels team-high six catches for 64 yards from the fullback slot, and the backfield production was its best since the Tulsa game.

However, two Gutierrez fumbles proved costly, the second leading to Baylor's game-tying drive. And Patrick almost got Bomar disabled by failing to block on pass plays.

Overall, a gutsy performance in the running department.

Grade: B

Offensive Line

The most balanced production of the season from the offense with more than 200 yards in both the passing and running departments. Bomar was sacked four times, but only one of those was the direct responsibility of the interior line.

There were no glaring problems on the offensive front and it was the best start to finish effort this season.

With 37 points and 474 yards in total offense, it also shapes up to their best grade of the season.

Grade : A-


It took the freshman wide receivers to elevate the performance on this night. Early on, the upper classmen struggled.

Paul Thompson once again showed his inexperience at the position, drawing an offensive interference penalty that wiped out a big gain, and failing to maintain his footing on a sideline throw that was picked off to set up a Baylor touchdown. Jejuan Rankins also struggled, bobbling away what might have been a long-distance touchdown.

Malcolm Kelly made the season's best catch that didn't count and also made several that did. Manuel Johnson was the long ball threat with catches of 24 and 34 yards among his four receptions. And of course, Juaquin Iglesias saved the best for last, making his only catch of the night on the game-winning touchdown on the corner fade route.

Joe Jon Finley was also a part of the pass offense with three catches, one a 22-yarder, but he was guilty of a costly penalty when the Sooners were about to take it into the end zone.

Balancing all the performances, it was an above average night for the pass catchers, but they still need to be more consistent.

Grade: B-

Defensive Line

After holding Baylor to just 2.3 yards per carry in the first half, the Sooner defense allowed the Bears to more than double that in the second half. Dusty Dvoracek did not record a tackle all night and the Sooners did not muster a pass rush against Bears quarterback Shawn Bell.

The one sack that the Sooners did get from C.J. Ah You resulted in a fumble that was recovered by Remi Ayodele. But the Baylor signal caller had enough time to throw most of the night.

The defensive line has been the one constant for the Sooners this season, but this was probably not among their better efforts.

Grade: B-


A week after shining against Kansas, the linebackers didn't distinguish themselves on this night. Clint Ingram dropped an easy interception in the first half and Zach Latimer got sucked in on Baylor's first touchdown pass.

There weren't as many chants of Ruuuuu for Rufus Alexander either.

The linebackers are going to have provide more support against the passing teams the Sooners will face in the weeks ahead.

Grade: B-


The first half was OK for the Sooner secondary as Baylor was held to less than 50 percent completions. But in the second half, and especially down the stretch, the pass defense was exposed again.

Lewis Baker's failure to get deep in coverage was the most obvious mistake, as it led to the touchdown that helped propel the game into overtime. But Chijioke Onyenegecha's missed tackle inside the 10 allowed another Baylor touchdown pass and Baylor was able to drive down the field in the final minutes through the air.

The secondary failed to break up any passes and didn't come close to recording an interception.

Grade: C-

Special Teams

You almost have to separate the grade between OU's kickers and the kick coverage in this contest.

On the positive side, Garrett Hartley shook off an erratic performance the previous week, and came on to drill three field goals, including a clutch 39-yarder to force a second overtime. Cody Freeby went toe-to-toe with Baylor's All-American Daniel Sepulveda and limited Baylor to two short returns, in addition to killing two kicks inside the five yard line.

Kickoff coverage was a different matter, as the Sooners allowed Shaun Rochon to go virtually untouched on a 98-yard touchdown return. Rochon had an earlier return in the same lane that would have gone for 50 yards if not for a Bears penalty. It was a disappointing effort by the kick coverage squad.

Reggie Smith continued to give the Sooners good field position on kickoff returns and Jejuan Rankins averaged 10 yards per return on punts.

But the weak kickoff coverage drops the overall grade down.

Grade: C

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