Recruiting: Five-star RB back from Norman

Las Vegas RB DeMarco Murray talksa bout his visit to Norman and where the Sooners stand on his list.

DeMarco Murray, RB, 6-1, 185, 4.5, LAS VEGAS BISHOP GORMAN, NEVADA:

JH: Did you get sick before your visit to OU this weekend?

DM: "I am feeling a little better, but I am still not over it. I do have strep throat, but I got a shot and I feel better. I played a little bit in the game on Friday mostly in the second half. I don't know how many yards I rushed for, but I did score two touchdowns — one rushing and one receiving."

JH: How was your visit to OU?

DM: "I had a hot of fun. Most of the stuff I had already seen so I just went out and fun with the players and coaches. They really took care of me down there. It was great."

JH: What did you learn from the players and coaches that you maybe didn't know before?

DM: "I just learned how much they want me and how much they need me. They had to play Jacob (Gutierrez) just about the whole game and I can tell they really need me. I got a feel from the coaches how much they need me and how much they want me and that made me feel good."

JH: Who showed you around and who did you spend most of your time with?

DM: "I was with the whole team before the game. I got to hang out with them at the pregame meal and after some after the game. Then after that, I hung out with Ryan (Reynolds) most of the time. Ryan is playing great and he told me that he is having a blast out there. He loves the future there because they are playing so many freshmen. He wasn't making any excuses, but he did say over and over that they were going to be a lot better in the future, and I can see that."

JH: Now that you have visited Oklahoma, how is recruiting shaping up with your?

DM: "They fit with Florida and USC. They are on the same page as leaders right now."

JH: Did your visit to Oklahoma enhance the Sooners chances of signing you?

DM: "Yeah, I think that it did."

JH: You have now seen their offense several times. Can you see how you might fit into that offense?

DM: "I think I can run in all their offenses. If they want to go shotgun, I can be the one back. If they want to go I-formation, I can be that guy. I can even move out to the slot and run pass routes for them. I see myself being used in a lot of ways at Oklahoma."

JH: What is next in recruiting for you?

DM: "I am going to visit USC and Miami, but I am not taking any more visits during the season. It just doesn't feel right because I don't get to hang out with my own teammates after we win. I want to enjoy that, plus when you get back from visits you are tired for the next couple of days. I just need to wait until after the season to take my other visits. I am going to go to USC and Miami and either Texas A&M or Florida State for my fifth visit."

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