Recruiting: Catching up with Adron Tennell

Irving, Texas receiver Adron Tennell talks about his recent injury scare and the status of his commitment to Oklahoma.

Adron Tennell, WR, IRVING, TEXAS:

JH: I know you got hurt in the last game, so tell us how and how are you doing?

AT: "It was on a kickoff return. One of my dudes had fumbled the ball and I went to try to pick it up and one of there guys hit me in the head. On the hit, my neck went back and I got knocked out for a little bit. I was unconscious for about five seconds.

I was in pain when I came to and I was numb all over my body for a little bit. I was numb for about 10 second and then the total feeling in my body returned. I left the game and they put me on a stretcher and took me to the hospital.

"They did X-rays on me and I went home that night. Nothing is broken and they tell me it was just a sprained neck. The injury is not going to keep me out. I will probably play this week."

JH: What happened in the game?

AT: "No we lost 50-14 to Trinity."

JH: How is your season going individually?

AT: "I have 44 receptions for 754 yards and five touchdowns."

JH: What is your team's record at this point?

AT: "We are 4-4. We did not qualify for the playoffs."

JH: Have you been watching Oklahoma much?

AT: "I have been watching some of the games, but I couldn't watch this last one because of Homecoming. They are beginning to pick it up and they are starting to come together."

JH: Are you excited about playing for OU next year?

AT: "Yes, I can't wait. I have been watching their receivers a little bit. Rhett is beginning to play really well and the receiving corp is beginning to play really well."

JH: When do you take your official visit to OU? And I have to ask if you are still committed to OU?

AT: "I am very committed to OU and I plan on taking my official visit when they play Oklahoma State."

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