Peterson: "I'll be ready to go"

Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson talks about his status for Saturday's matchup against Nebraska. Plus, OU head coach Bob Stoops gives an update on the Sooners' other injured players. (AP Photo/Ty Russell)

The Sooners went through a good workout today and the best sight to see was that Adrian Peterson and Travis Wilson were both in uniform going through the workout.

I don't think they went at top speed, but both are expected to do that no later than Wednesday. Peterson and Wilson both are trying to come back from high ankle sprains, while senior running back Donta Hickson will miss Saturday's game with Nebraska because of a high ankle sprain.

Will Peterson play on Saturday? At this point it looks like he will.

"To some degree, we got some of our players back," said OU Head Football coach Bob Stoops following Monday's practice. "Today is not our hardest day so, but AD did go out and get more snaps. And Travis had a few more.

"I am not being coy about it. We will see as we get heavier during the week what they will be able to hold up and do. Donta is still very limited and Eric Bassey is still more unlikely to play on Saturday."

In fact, Peterson was feeling so good that he stopped to talk to the media after practice.

"I did pretty well today. I'll be ready to go this weekend," said AD. "It was hard for me to sit out Saturday. I was tempted to go to the coaches and tell them I could play, but 'Gute' (Jacob Gutierrez) and Allen (Patrick) were running so hard that I just sat back and rooted for my teammates.

"I want to win that game bad and I helped them any way that I could. I knew I wasn't going to get to play, so I made the best of it and did what I could. I just went out there and enjoyed myself and made suggestions. Allen would come over to the sideline and ask me questions and I just kept telling him to run down hill and hit the hole hard because he has good power."

Peterson says he has been doing everything that is knows to do to try to get the ankle ready to play again.

"I have done stems, ultrasound, icing and heating it," said Peterson. "I ice it and heat it a lot. As far as exercises go, I have been running in the sandpit, hands on treatment. If you can think of it, I have done it."

OU is playing Nebraska on Saturday and while the series doesn't carry the same luster that it once did, it still means a lot to the Sooner football team.

"Yeah, it does. The coaches are still aware of the tradition and history associated with this game," said Stoops. "However, in the end, each game right now is so important. You have to do your best to win and that is what we are going to try to do. We will take it that way each week."

Rivlary or not, Oklahoma needs a win. And while it is a great series, the bottom line is the Sooners need to keep winning.

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