Recruiting: LSU commit talking to Sooners

Elton, La. defensive lineman Al Woods update.

Al Woods, DT, 6-4, 327, 5.2, ELTON, LOUISIANA:

JH: How is your season going?

AW: "We are 3-2. We couldn't play three games because of the Hurricanes. One game we couldn't play because a school didn't have all their players. And then we were scheduled to play South Cameron, but their town is just about all gone."

JH: How are you doing individually?

AW: "I am doing pretty well, but I am facing things that I have never faced before. I have faced double-teams and sometimes two double-teams. I go up against three and four guys sometimes, and when that is happening I wish I was still playing against a double-team. It is has been frustrating because I have to go through so many guys, but that does open some things up for the rest of our guys on defense."

JH: It sounds like you will enjoy college football because the most you will get will be a double-team?

AW: "Yes, sir. At least I will have a fighting chance. I think this is preparing me for college because I am facing so many people at one time."

JH: I know this has to be a tough season for you considering all that has happened due to the weather in the state of Louisiana?

AW: "It is messed up that we couldn't play a full season, but I have to look at is as a blessing in that we can even play because those teams in New Orleans can't play at all. Some of those teams in the surrounding areas are barely playing at all. At least we can play and we are doing well. That is a blessing in itself."

JH: How is recruiting going with you?

AW: "I committed to LSU in the spring, but I still have a couple of colleges coming after me. I think I am just going to stick with LSU and sign with them when the time comes."

JH: You say that you are still hearing from other colleges, so who are the main schools still calling you?

AW: "USC, Oklahoma, Miami, Ole Miss and Michigan are the schools who are still recruiting."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma? And are you going to take any visits to any other schools besides LSU?

AW: "I think Oklahoma is a real good program. They are having a down year right now, but once they get everything rolling they are going to be a great team. I talk to Oklahoma when they call and they want me to visit. I don't know if I will or not, because all my focus is on our high school football right now. I am just trying to give everything that I can to our high school team and play out these last two games and the playoffs. I have not set up one visit yet, so I am not sure what I am going to do there.

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