Bomar looking forward to tough road challenge

OU quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about the Sooners' improving offense, J.D. Runnels' moves after the catch and this weekend's matchup against Nebraska. (AP Photo/Tim Sharp)

OU redshirt freshman quarterback Rhett Bomar has been playing his best football the last couple of weeks as the Sooner passing game has come to life.

Bomar, who will be center stage at 11 a.m. Saturday when the Sooners travel to Lincoln to take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers, talked with after Tuesday's practice about the big game.

JH: It seems like recently you have been able to get J.D. and your tight ends more involved in the offense?

RB: "In the past two weeks we have been able to get J.D. involved more in the offense and the tight ends are catching everything thrown to them. We have good tight ends and J.D. is a great player, so we need to get our best players on our offense the ball. They can all catch really well. We are just spreading it around and everybody is just catching the ball and making plays."

JH: J.D. had a great game and showed off some great moves in the Baylor game wouldn't you say?

RB: "Yeah, he showed me some moves that I didn't know he had. He was juking some people out and stuff and that was impressive."

JH: It has to be a good feeling to have a guy like J.D. on your offense, who can do so many great things for you?

RB: "It is real good for us at times when everything is covered down field, and you have to dump it off to him in the flat and he makes three guys miss and gets you 10 yards. That is a nice luxury for an offense to have."

JH: Did it surprise you at all how well J.D. ran with the ball against Baylor?

RB: "It was surprising, but everybody knows that he is a great athlete. He can run and do all that stuff, but I guess he just hasn't had an opportunity yet to show off some of his moves that he used against Baylor. They were just great."

JH: Will we see more of them in the future?

RB: "Yeah, I am sure there will be more opportunities for him. We are going to continue to keep getting him the ball."

JH: Have you personally made a conscientious effort to get J.D. and the tight ends the ball more since you have become the quarterback? Or is it just the development of the offense coming together?

RB: "I just think it is the offense, because we have certain plays where the tight end and fullback are the one/two reads off some play-action stuff. Then there is stuff where I will go to them, like when I had that third and 20 and I had Joe Jon down the seam and on that play. He is really my third read on that. They just do a good job of getting open so it is really not me trying to get this guy or that guy involved. It is just basically the offense and what our reads call for."

JH: Was the Baylor game the first game where you felt comfortable throwing the ball in this offense?

RB: "Yeah, we threw the ball a lot in the first half. It seemed like to me. From the start, I felt really good out there. I felt really comfortable and I guess the results showed that. I was just seeing things really well, feeling comfortable in the pocket, and as an offense we were doing really well."

JH: How much did that improved passing ignite the offense?

RB: "It did quite a bit, because it keeps us balanced. We were able to run the ball well, and when we are able to do both of those it is hard to stop. Some of the past few games we have been kind of one-dimensional at times, and that kind of hurt us a little bit. We were more balanced against Baylor and that helps a lot."

JH: In the overtime period were you guys trying to be more aggressive, because in the first play of overtime you took a shot in the end zone?

RB: "The first play the coach (Long) called a play-action deep post, but they covered it up really well. We wanted to get the game over with I guess. Coach calls the plays and he made some great calls, but we wanted to go for the jugular that first play."

JH: You had so many young guys do well and come through in the Baylor game. With that in hand, how much confidence does that give you the rest of the season?

RB: "It gives us a lot of confidence to go out and win the rest of our games. We know we should have put that game away earlier and we made some mistakes that kept us from it. But we came through when it counted.

It was our first overtime game, but I think it was actually the first overtime game for everybody on this team. So to come through when the pressure is on like that was impressive. To come through on both offense and defense was big-time."

JH: Could it be a launching pad for your career where you are always this 300-yard three touchdown a game guy?

RB: "I don't know, I guess it could be. That is a lot based on one pass, but that is what I am going for. It is going to be like that, so we just have to get some experience and stuff. That is what I hope and I am confident that is going to happen."

JH: What do you see about Nebraska. And do you know anything about how great this series has been?

RB: "Everybody knows about the long history of this series. I didn't know much about it in the past before I came up here. I knew it was two great programs, but that is about all. I have heard that their stadium is pretty rowdy and that they have great fans. I am sure it is going to be a crazy game. We will just keep up the good tradition that the two teams have."

JH: This game is always one of the best games in college football and I have always felt that playing in Lincoln has been something special for OU players. Are you looking forward to playing in that kind of environment?

RB: "I am always looking forward to going to opposing fields and playing with the crowd all against you. That is always fun to see different places to. It is probably one of the best scenes in college football, so it is going to be fun to play there."

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