Hoops Recruiting: OU in top junior's top four

Oklahoma City junior standout Blake Griffin talks about his latest trip to Norman.


JH: You were one of the celebrities at the Oklahoma Basketball Bash, so were you impressed?

BG: "I really was impressed. I had a lot of fun to. I was talking to Scottie Reynolds and Damion James and those guys. I liked how the team looked, they look pretty good."

JH: Scottie is always recruiting, so did he make a pitch to you to join him at Oklahoma?

BG: "Yeah, sort of. But he didn't talk to me to much about it. He did mention it to me a couple of times."

JH: That class that OU is getting ready to sign is going to be one of the top recruiting classes in the country. Is it important to you what kind of classes the schools you are considering are signing?

BG: "I really like that recruiting class that is coming up. They are really good. I wouldn't mind playing with them. They are a fun bunch of guys to be around. I enjoyed them not only at the Bash, but at the football game. The biggest factor for me is going to be the guys that I am going to play with. That is very important for me."

JH: Did you also look a year ahead like at your brother's (Taylor) class?

BG: "I looked all the way down the roster to see who will be seniors when I am a freshman. Basically, Longer Longer and David Goldbold will be seniors my freshman year, and I like that combination as well."

JH: What other practices or bashes have you been to?

BG: "I went up to OSU to a football game about four weeks ago. I might go up to OSU for their Homecoming game and watch their intrasquad scrimmage."

JH: Do you have a top five or top two or three?

BG: "I have about four. They are OSU, OU, Kansas and Illinois right now, and maybe UConn."

JH: Do you have a favorite?

BG: "I really don't to be honest. It is kind of up in the air right now."

JH: Do you want to stay in-state?

BG: "It is not a huge deal, but it would be pretty nice if I could stay in state. But that is not going to influence my decision too much."

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