Bomar gaining confidence with each win

Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about the win over Nebraska, receivers Travis Wilson and Malcolm Kelly and the return of Adrian Peterson.

Oklahoma redshirt freshman quarterback Rhett Bomar appears to be coming into his own after leading the Sooners past Nebraska on the road this past Saturday. Bomar was cool under pressure, throwing the ball well, running the offense, and best of all, he did not turn the ball over.

Following Monday's practice, Rhett stopped to talked to for the Two Minute Drill, which he runs very well by the way.

JH: How much did it help the offense getting senior wide receiver Travis Wilson back in the lineup?

RB: "It was real good getting him back, being a senior leader and all. He is the leader of the receivers basically out there and those guys look up to him. He has always made plays his whole career, so having him back in the lineup is a big boost. He knows all the little things about being a receiver — how to get open and how to set up a secondary. Travis means a lot to this offense and especially to me."

JH: Could you describe that great throw you made to Travis on the crossing route that kept a key drive alive for you guys in the fourth quarter?

RB: "It was a good call because we had run it earlier and they had come with an all-out blitz. That time we tried a fade to Malcolm that almost worked. We ran it that play and they played two-man, which are two safeties deep. Joe Jon (Finley) took his guy out and there was a big hole for Travis and he got open over the middle of the field."

JH: You had great protection on that play didn't you?

RB: "I had all day to throw that one, but basically the only sack we had was on a double-screen. They played a perfect defense for that, but other than that I had all day to throw most of the time."

JH: On that play to Travis, were you looking for him all the way?

RB: "Yeah, he is one of the main reads. I have to read it out, but I look in that general area because I have two receivers going over the middle. I looked and I could tell he was coming open. I knew that I was going to throw the ball to him."

JH: Is there a comfort zone for you when you know that Travis or Malcolm is out three with you?

RB: "Yeah, because you have guys who know what they are doing and they are talented to make plays for you. I knew the spot that he would be in so I don't eye him down the whole time. I go ahead and read out my coverage and things like that. I just know he is going to be open and run a good route for me."

JH: Malcolm Kelly caught eight passes on Saturday. I know you have said that in this offense that you don't have go-to receivers, but it sure looks like he is becoming one for you?

RB: "I think it is tough to develop a go-to guy because we spread it around a lot. We didn't do that the other day, because only a couple of people caught passes. Usually we try to get everybody involved, but you have your guys that you have confidence in.

"The guys that are out there the most of the time now, and I guess that would be Travis and Malcolm, I am confident that they can make plays for me. So whenever we are in a tight situation I am not afraid to throw the ball to them, even in tight coverage.

"Malcolm had some tight coverage's all over him, but I threw it up to him anyway knowing that he could make a play for us. I just have confidence in him."

JH: Malcolm has proven that he can make the spectacular catch. When you have a guy like that in your huddle do you throw it up to him a little bit more to give him a chance to come down with the football?

RB: "Yeah, definitely. We have fade routes going to him several times a game. I am putting it up there because I have confidence in him going up to get it and bring it down. He at least is going to have the opportunity to bring it down.

"He is a great talent and he is going to be a great player. So whenever we have that call during my progression I am not going to shy away from putting the ball up and letting him make a play."

JH: Early in the year you went to the tight ends and the fullback, but in this last game you didn't. Is that dictated by the gameplan or how the game unfolds from a defensive standpoint.

RB: "It is a little bit of both. You go up to the line and you have your pre-snap reads. They may try to disguise something and when you snap the ball and drop back they may change to a different coverage, so you have to read it out and find the open receiver. Things change in an instant and sometimes you end up throwing to one group of receivers more than the others.

"When you go up to the line you try to eliminate guys, because that makes it easier for you to read. So, I go up there and say on this coverage I am not going to get my tight end. I am going to look over here to my wide receiver. Many times it just depends on the type of coverage they are playing and the play that we have called."

JH: It seems you are much more comfortable within the offense and within the pocket at this point in the season than you were earlier in the year?

RB: "The game has really slowed down for me and I feel real comfortable in our offense. I am not throwing off my back foot and short-hopping balls like I was earlier in the year. I am not just trying to rely on just my arm as I am getting my body into it now. I am getting more comfortable in the pocket and the things around me.

"I have more confidence in my offensive line blocking for me, so I am stepping into my throws. When I do that I throw the ball pretty good when I actually step into it and make the plays like I should."

JH: After the game J.D. Runnels says that despite the fact that you are young that this was your offense now and that the team feeds off of how well you play and how you handle yourself.

RB: "That makes me feel good that a great senior who has played a lot of football around here thinks that about me. It feels good that he has confidence in me that I am going to go out there make plays.

"I think everybody does have that confidence in me. I think throughout the whole season I have proven myself step-by-step virtually over time. I am confident that they know that I know what I am doing out there and that I can make plays."

JH: What are you going to do to try to get better this week?

RB: "This week we are going to work against ourselves a lot and we will also work against A&M as well. The most important thing for our team is to rest some people. We need to get some people back, because we have had a lot of injuries.

"I think this open date comes at a perfect time for us right before the stretch run of our season. If we can win these games we can finish out strong. This week we can get some people healthy and get them back to 100 percent against A&M."

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