Recruiting: Tulsa DE sets unoffical to Norman

Tulsa Union defensive end Chase Nelson talks about his visits plans and interest in Oklahoma.

Chase Nelson, DE, 6-3, 240, TULSA UNION, OKLAHOMA:

JH: Tulsa Union is having a great year, but how do you feel your year is going?

CN: "We are 8-1 and I am leading my team in sacks with 11. I know I have a lot of tackles, but I don't know how many. They don't tell us those stats until the end of the season."

JH: Do you feel Union is going to win state this year?

CN: "Yeah, we have a great chance or just as good a chance as anybody else. We just need to take care of our business each week and beat anybody that gets in our way."

JH: You have been considered one of the top players in Oklahoma for some time so you can't hide from the offense. How are teams trying to block you?

CN: "I know that teams scheme to try to block me, but I don't think it is effective. I usually end up one-on-one with a tackle and I can use my quickness and strength to beat them. Teams do try to run away from me, but I just run them down from the backside. I know that me and 'Dom' (Dominique Franks) have to chase the ball a lot because teams try to scheme away from us. I always line up on the strong-side and they use me more of a run stopper because I line-up right across from the tight end."

JH: Have you gone to any college games thus far?

CN: "No, I haven't made it to any college games. But me and Dominique (Franks) are going to go to the OU/OSU game together. That is going to be unofficial for me. I just want to go up there and check them out."

JH: What colleges are you considering at this time?

CN: "Other than OU, I am looking at Texas Tech, Tennessee, UCLA and Arkansas. I don't have a favorite right now. I have the same interest in all of them."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

CN: "I think OU is going to be very good next year. They are a little bit down this year, but they have been coming on as of late. I think they are going to be loaded and I have a good interest in them. I think going into Oklahoma next year I could have an excellent shot at playing. I mean, what Oklahoma kid doesn't grow up not wanting to play at Oklahoma?"

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