Recruiting: Family keeping CB close to home

Tulsa Union cornerback Dominique Franks talks about his commitment to Oklahoma. (Photo courtesy of Oklahoma Kickoff Magazine)

Dominique Franks, CB, 6-0, 185, 4.4, TULSA (UNION HS), OKLAHOMA:

JH: The last time I talked to you I got the impression that you would make a decision after your season, but I understand you committed to OU today. Is that right?

DF: "Yes, sir. I committed to Oklahoma. When we talked before I told you that I would commit when it felt right. This morning I woke up and just started to think about it and it felt like the right place for me."

JH: Why do you feel Oklahoma is the right place for you?

DF: "I came down to family reasons. My father passed the 14th of October, so I just wanted to stay close to home in case something else happened. I just wanted to be close to my family in case they need me. My whole family lives in Oklahoma, in Oklahoma City, and my grandmother, step mother, aunts and uncles and cousins always come to see me to play. If you come to any of the Union games I pretty much have a section to my self.

"So I want to make sure they can come and watch me play and I want to have people come watch me play. My family has been there through everything and it wouldn't be right for me to go out of state. Oklahoma is a great school, plus it is in-state so what else can I say about that."

JH: You know the roster at corner very well at OU. What kind of impact do you feel you can make when you get to Norman?

DF: "I think I can go in and make an immediate impact. You know, my size and speed and you know my athletic ability. They graduate three of their top five corners and return one starter, and one another player who has played quite a bit. I know they have a redshirt that is talented, but I trust my abilities and I feel if I work hard, pay attention to Coach Wright and Coach Stoops then I can go in and help them as a freshman."

JH: You have played a great part of the great tradition at Union, so how does it feel to be right in the middle of another great run for the state title?

DF: "It is great to realize that we are making another playoff run. It is great that young players on this team look up to me. It makes me work harder every day because I want to set an example about work ethic. I want the younger guys to know what it takes to win games and to keep up this tradition.

"I returned a punt in our last game and a young player threw the key block, and I thanked him three times or more because I was just letting him know he meant as much to the success of the play that I did. I am always thanking my teammates for their efforts.

"We are not just Dominique and the rest of Union. We are Union High School and we are all apart of it. I am always telling our offensive and defensive line how good they are and just talking up everybody because I want them to realize they mean just as much to this team as I do."

JH: Who did it come down to?

DF: "It came down to Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Tennessee."

JH: Do you still plan to visit Tennessee?

DF: "I don't know if I will visit Tennessee or not. I am visiting OU officially this weekend. Don't worry, I am totally committed to OU. I just haven't thought about Tennessee."

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