RECRUITING: Indiana forward makes decision

Indiana forward Rodney Carney will sign on Tuesday

Rodney Carney, a 6-5 forward of Indianapolis Northwest has decided to go where he can find major playing time next year by committing to Memphis today over OU. He will sign with Memphis on Tuesday.

"I really liked Oklahoma and I probably liked the OU program better, but I would redshirt at OU next year and that is not really what I want to do," said Carney Monday night. "I want to play and at Memphis I stand a good chance at starting for four years or at least for three and playing a lot as a freshman. It just makes more sense for me to go to Memphis where I can play right away."

OU suspected that Carney might make that decision after visiting Memphis. OU knows it will be tough to sign a good player who must understand that he will have to come in and redshirt next year.

OU will take one more shot at it this weekend when they bring in 6-2 guard Eric Ferguson out of New York City. Ferguson signed with Villanova out of high school, but fell short on the grades and had to go to a prep school. He just recently passed the test and OU and Villanova are battling for his services.

Once again the question with Ferguson, like Carney, is wherther he can stand to redshirt his first year. In hoops, the players usually don't want to redshirt, so OU knows this one will be close as well. Ferguson plays like Corey Brewer and Coach Sampson loves those kind of players and what OU hopes is that he realizes that he can take a year to work on his jumper and his offensive game and then come back and get major minutes his redshirt freshman year.

Also, Rodney Terry of U.C. Wilmington has decided to take his name out of the running for the vacant assistant coaching position at OU. Terry received a big raise to stay with his head coach in the Atlantic 10.

I don't get the impression that Coach Sampson is close to naming a new assistant coach for at least another week or so and he says he is still wide open concerning the decision.

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