Recruiting: OU commit on the road to recovery

Schertz, Texas RB James Henry talks about his season-ending injury and commitment to Oklahoma.

James Henry, RB, 6-2, 205, 405, SHCERTZ (SAMUEL CLEMENS HS), TEXAS: What is the latest with the injury?

JH: "I had surgery on my left ankle. I dislocated my ankle, a crack in my heel and I broke my fibula in six places. This sounds worse than it really is. I am feeling good. They say I am going to be back on my feet sooner than people think." So you will be working out again soon?

JH: "I am going to have another surgery on the 28th to remove the biggest pin in my leg. I have a big screw that is holding everything together and they are going to remove that on the 28th. I am going to be on crutches for two more weeks and then following that surgery I am going to be in a boot. I will start walking around in a couple of weeks." How painful has the injury been for you?

JH: "That first week it was painful, but since then everything has been pretty easy. Now I can put pressure on it and the swelling is starting to go down." Is your team still winning with you out of the line-up?

JH: "Without a doubt. They won their two toughest games without me. The defense stepped it up and a J.J. Johnson replaced me and did a great job. We open the playoffs against San Antonio Madison, and they are going to be real tough. That is the same school that Jacob Gutierrez went to do. I was a freshman when he was a senior and he was the guy down here. He was quick, strong and fast. He those great moves." What is the latest in recruiting? Are you still committed to OU?

JH: "Yes, sir. I am still committed to OU without a doubt. OU has showed me great love through this entire process. They are calling me all the time and always talking to me. They call me before games and they are showing me how much they want me. I haven't heard from Texas that much, and that is fine with me. Oklahoma has proven to me that they really care about me and that they want me to play for them. I am going to be a Sooner." What is your plan for rehab?

JH: "I think I am going to do a lot of strength work to get back on my feet. I have hired a personal trainer and he is beginning to work with me. I am going to be back going strong in January. I should be back for track season, then I will start getting in shape for when I report to Oklahoma." Is there any chance that you might play in the Scout Network Army All-American game?

JH: "We have already decided that I can't play in the Army All-American game. We have already contacted them and they said that I would still be recognized as an All-American, but that they would find somebody else to fill my spot in the game. I am still going to go the game. I mean, why not? It is just right up the street."

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