Franchione, A&M coordinators on Oklahoma

Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione and members of his staff talk about Saturday's matchup against Oklahoma.

Below are quotes from Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione, defensive coordinator Carl Torbush and offensive coordinator Les Koenning from their weekly press conference this week in Norman.

Head Coach Dennis Franchione:

On playing Oklahoma after their off week

Franchione: This is the third team that's had an open week before we've played them. It's kind of unusual to have that. There's nothing we can do about that. We've just got to stay focused on what we have control over and that's not one of them right there.

On if there's any talk about their 77-0 loss the last time they went to Norman

Franchione: No. We're worried about this game. I don't think there's anything we draw from past games.

On Oklahoma's defense

Franchione: Well, obviously they have the best run defense we've played I'd say. (They are) probably the most athletic front that we have played since Clemson.

They're coming together pretty good as a unit right now. You can kind of tell early in the year they had new faces and had some growing pains they were going through. But you can tell now in the last month that they've started to get into a rhythm defensively, and they're pretty aggressive in their calls.

I would say it's maybe as good a defense as we've gone against this year — I'm trying to think if anybody is comparable at this point in time. I don't think there is.

Defensive Coordinator Carl Torbush:

On Oklahoma's offense

Torbush: Of course, we know what a great player Adrian Peterson is. There's no doubt they'll give him the ball many, many times. I would too if I had a player like that. And he's not the only running back that they've got. They've got two or three other one's that are good players.

I think their rushing attack's gotten better as the year's gone along. The offensive line, in my mind, these guys are good athletes that have gotten better every week. They're a very, very physical offensive line.

I've been very impressed with their two tight ends. It seems like every year they've got some tight ends that can get the job done. Joe John Finley is a guy who's got some height and has been very, very impressive catching the ball, and blocks well.

The receiving crew is typical Oklahoma. They've got good speed, catch well. Probably the most impressive thing about that group is that they are extremely good blockers. They'll get after you. They're a very physical group and they take a great deal of pride in their blocking.

On Rhett Bomar

Torbush: I think a guy that's probably made the most improvement is Rhett Bomar. He's a guy that you could see earlier in the year was a redshirt freshman trying to get adjusted, trying to understand the game.

Each week he's got better and better, and there's no question he has outstanding athletic ability. He's got an outstanding arm, runs the ball extremely well when he needs to, he's got speed. They don't ask him to run the ball a great deal, but when he does he's very, very explosive and very dangerous.

On how they'll attack OU's offense and Adrian Peterson

Torbush: You've got to make sure that you do your job at the point of attack, especially if they're in I-formation. They're always moving the fullback around, the tight end around trying to get you going sideways instead of downhill.

That's where Peterson runs the ball, is downhill. I think he's an outstanding downhill runner that once he gets a crack and you don't tackle him well, he's got that explosive and breakaway speed.

There's no question the thing that we've got to do, even though they throw the ball well, is we've got to stop the run. If we don't stop the run we've got a lot of problems.

Peterson brings a physical presence, but like I said the other two or three running backs did a very, very good job while he's been hurt. But, in my opinion, we're talking about one of the best players in the country.

On OU's offensive schemes

Torbush: They've really got a very diverse offense. But again, the No. 1 thing we can do is stop the downhill run by Peterson.

Offensive Coordinator Les Koenning:

On Oklahoma's defense

Koenning: Oklahoma's had an off-week to prepare for us. We've got to get after them, we've got to get going.

They've got a really outstanding defense. They're defense is 15th in the country. They're only giving up 298 yards. Their pass defense is 73rd.

They have some outstanding players on defense. (Dusty) Dvoracek is a really outstanding nose guard. He's a good player. He gets a good push up front.

Again, they have another week to prepare for us too.

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