Recruiting: Houston athlete talks about visit

Houston, Texas athlete Terrance Anderson update.

Terrance Anderson, CB, 5-10, HOUSTON (ALDINE HS), TEXAS:

JH: What did you think about your visit to OU this weekend?

TA: "It was great. They treated me very well. When I got there everybody was very friendly toward me. Every question that I wanted to ask they answered for me. They proved to me that they wanted me. They made me feel very welcome."

JH: This was the first time you have been to Norman, so what did you learn about OU that you didn't know before?

TA: "I already knew most of the stuff about OU. I already knew that OU was a great program and that they were high on academics. I didn't know how much the community was behind them and how much the community supported their team."

JH: What did you think of the facilities and the football program itself?

TA: Everything is first class, looks great and is huge. Their stadium holds 85,000 fans. Everything looks brand new from the stadium, to a number of the buildings on campus. Then they have a thing called the Barry Switzer Center, and it is fantastic with all their football awards and coaching offices in that building."

JH: Did you watch how the corners played?

TA: "I just watched the game. I really didn't look at a particular position or anything. I didn't look at cornerback that much, because I have been concentrating so much on offense the last couple of years. I paid attention to little things I guess, but I can't say I was just focusing on one position or anything. I think their secondary did a great job in the game, and I thought they did a good job of getting a pass rush on their quarterback."

JH: Before the visit you said you were a lean to Oklahoma State, but now that you have visited OU what are your thoughts on recruiting?

TA: "That was my first visit and I am going to take my other visits to see what they are all about. Of course, since they (OU and OSU) are my first visits they are No. 1 with me right now, and I can easily say that I am going to consider Oklahoma. I am very excited about Oklahoma right now because I just got back from my visit. And, yes, I can say I am going to consider them stronger because of my visit to OU. I want to take all my visits and see how everything checks out. I will know where I want to go after all of the visits."

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