Nelson talks about commitment, playoffs

Arlington, Texas cornerback and Oklahoma commitment Jonathan Nelson talks about his high school season and the rumors out of Austin that he's interested in visiting Texas.

Jonathan Nelson, CB, 6-0, 181, 4.3, ARLINGTON (MANSFIELD SUMMITT HS), TEXAS:

JH: Is your high school team still in the playoffs?

JN: "We won the opening game of the playoffs 50-14. I really didn't have any passes thrown my way. They threw a screen my direction, but they really didn't test me at all. I also returned kicks, but they had a good kicker and he kept kicking it through the end zone."

JH: Who do you play this weekend?

JN: "We play El Paso Franklin this weekend and we know it is going to be a tough game."

JH: What has been your favorite play this season?

JN: "In this one game a team ran a screen my way and I had three guys coming at me. I knew that I couldn't get to the ball carrier, so I was going to take out one or two of their linemen so that somebody else on my team could make the tackle. Well, I hit one of their offensive linemen so hard that I broke his arm and gave him a concussion. I wasn't trying to hurt him and I felt bad about it, but that is football. I promise they were going to try to run me over, so I just beat them to it."

JH: Are you still a solid commitment to OU?

JN: "Yes sir."

JH: Have been watching OU this season?

JN: "I have tried pretty hard to catch all the games. I made sure I watch the Texas A&M game on television. I don't think I have missed a game yet."

JH: Are you aware that a reporter that covers the University of Texas is reporting that you now have an interest in the Longhorns and that you have or you are thinking about going to a UT game?

JN: "I have no interest in Texas. I am solidly committed to Oklahoma. I told the reporter that called me from that Texas site that Texas was a good program, but I was totally committed to OU. If he is reporting anything else he is not telling the truth."

JH: What are your stats so far this year?

JN: "All I know is that I have one interception and a handful of pass breakups. I was talking to my secondary coach and he told me that sometimes it is good to not have many stats, because that means they are not throwing the ball my way. So, that is how I have to look at it."

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