Recruiting: OU commit set for official visit

Corpus Christi, Texas defensive lineman Pryce Macon talks about his season and Oklahoma.

Pryce Macon, DL, 6-1, 251, 4.79, CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS:

JH: How is your season going?

PM: "Our season has come to an end. Just this past weekend we lost in the first round of the playoffs to San Antonio John Jay 21-7."

JH: How did you play this season?

PM: "My season went well. I finished with 11 sacks, 59 tackles, three forced fumbles and I had a punt return for a touchdown."

JH: How in the world did you get a chance to return a punt for a touchdown?

PM: "I was rushing in and I could tell the guy off the edge was going to block it and just by instinct I just starting to back-peddle. The ball went straight up in the air and I caught it and then returned it 37-yards. I ran over about three people to get to the end zone. That was first touchdown of my career and only touchdown of my high school career."

JH: How well did you feel you played this year?

PM: "I feel I played pretty well. People down here were real tough on me. It seemed like I always had to prove myself to people, especially since I had committed to OU. The press and most fans seemed to expect me to be spectacular at times and my coaches were always pushing me to play up to a D-1 level. I think I did that for the most part."

JH: Are you still a solid commitment to OU?

PM: "Oh, yes sir."

JH: Are you paying attention to what is going on at OU?

PM: "I have to make sure that I watch or listen to the game. If OU loses I hear from everybody around here that I should have gone to Texas or something. I just laugh and tell them that I made the right choice."

JH: Is it pretty cool around town to be know that you're going to Oklahoma?

PM: "Yeah, it is a neat thing for me."

JH: When are you taking your official visit to OU?

PM: "I am coming up to Norman for the OSU game."

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