Leach on Oklahoma

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach talks about Saturday's matchup against Oklahoma.

Below are excerpts from Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach and quarterback Cody Hodges on media day Monday in Lubbock.

Mike Leach:

Is rush defense a major area of concern with Adrian Peterson coming in?

Leach: "Yeah, he is really a key. Whether he is in there or not I think that is what they want to do, they want to run the ball. I think that is a big key."

Is there any legitimacy to Oklahoma playing you so well because they know your offense?

Leach: "No more legitimacy than the fact that everyone else has had trouble with them too. I'm in a fairly long line of people who have struggled with Oklahoma."

Has it been so long that that shouldn't play a role anymore?

Leach: "I don't think it did in the first place. Unless you got a wealth of people that tended to beat Oklahoma, and I can't think of too many that just had their way with Oklahoma."

You have been able to beat Texas, ATM and several other successful program, but not Oklahoma...

Leach: "Of course for all those years Oklahoma was more successful than all of them. I think they are a good team. They play a really good defense. I don't think it has anything to do with scheme.

"I get asked all these magic pill questions. Was it a magic pill? Did something magic happen? Was it magic? Was there this guy? Oh, did they get this guy and that was it?

"You go out there and grind them out; there are all these big, gigantic guys and there are some other guys that are pretty big too but they run faster. You just go out there and grind away and if you have pretty good emotion and tempo and if you are tough and you fight through it and do it over and over, you are probably going to be pretty good.

"Oklahoma State beat us everywhere. Was their left guard better than our left guard? Yes. Was their defensive end better than ours? Yes. Was their safety better than ours? Yes. Was their running back better than ours? Yes. Was their quarterback better than ours? Yes. There is no magic stuff. They were tough we weren't tough at all."

QB Cody Hodges:

What does the Oklahoma defense present as a challenge to you?

Hodges: Oklahoma has pretty much just owned Texas Tech the past five years. Since Coach Leach has been here we haven't beat OU.

"OU is supposedly having a down year, they have lost a couple of games and those game were three months ago. So we know that OU is going to come in here and give it their best shot.

"Pretty much we are fighting for the same bowl game right now. It is a chance for us seniors to go out with a win at home, more than that we can win this game for Coach Leach, we can give him that first victory over his former team."

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