Oklahoma-Texas Tech Grade Card

See inside for a position-by-position breakdown of who did what in OU's 23-21 loss to Texas Tech. Rhett Bomar (pictured above) completed 12 of his 26 passes for 118 yards and one touchdown pass. He also rushed for 25 yards. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

If you just look at the number, you won't be that impressed with Rhett Bomar's performance. But once again this week, Bomar didn't turn the ball over, there were no center snap or handoff problems and he played with great poise and confidence. At least a half dozen of his passes were dropped or Bomar's completion percentage would have been over 60 percent. And his throw on the run to Malcolm Kelly for the Sooners second touchdown was one of the top plays for the Sooners this year.

Considering the wind in Lubbock, Bomar did an outstanding job passing and he had several key runs to help the offense as well. He was off on a couple of passes, most notably a deep sideline route that was underthrown where Adrian Peterson could have well been headed to paydirt. But overall, Bomar threw the ball well.

It wasn't a victory, but you can't find too much fault with the quarterback's performance in this one.

Grade : B+

Running Backs

Adrian Peterson ran harder in this contest than he had in almost two months, showing that he is very close to full speed. He appeared to be on the verge of breaking long runs on the corner several times during the game. In hindsight, his biggest "mistake" may have been breaking a tackle and running over a Tech defender to score on an 11-yard run with 1:33 to go. The Sooners would have been better off running more time off the clock before scoring.

Kejuan Jones had a couple of nice runs, but dropped a Bomar pass. Allen Patrick looked sharp on his lone carry in the first half, but was nowhere to be seen on offense in the second half. Jacob Gutierrez returned to action but only got one carry. J.D. Runnels uncharacteristically dropped one pass and had one reception.

Overall, a solid but unspectacular performance.

Grade: B

Offensive Line

It's hard to pile on the offensive line when you've got two guys playing with broken hands, but the Sooners didn't get the job done for most of the game. The loss of freshman center Jon Cooper with a leg injury didn't help matters, either.

The Sooners overcame a big mistake by senior Davin Joseph on the first touchdown drive, when he jumped early on a 1st and goal at the two.

No sacks were allowed on Bomar, but the quarterback had a lot to do with that by scrambling out of a couple of potential takedown situations.

Just not enough production in the ground game in this one to give more than an average mark.

Grade: C


Some good plays and some bad plays in this one. Malcolm Kelly again made some big catches, but was guilty of dropping passes today. Paul Thompson also had his most productive day but he dropped two passes that were right in his hands. Juaquin Iglesias had one big catch and also contributed a drop.

Travis Wilson did not catch a pass, and in fact only had a couple thrown his way. For the second straight game, the tight ends were MIA in the passing game.

Inconsistency hurt the Sooners receivers on a day where the wind probably required added concentration.

Grade: C

Defensive Line:

How could Oklahoma State hold Taurean Henderson in check but not Oklahoma? Mysteries abound in trying to analyze this freakish outcome.

For the second straight week, the Oklahoma defense was weak against the run after being solid for most of the year. They did manage to get four sacks on Cody Hodges with the help of the blitz, but he was continually able to break outside the pressure to run for key gains and also spin away from seemingly certain losses to throw the ball away.

Another disappointing effort by the Sooner front.

Grade: C


Not much of a factor for the Sooners in this game. Clint Ingram managed a couple of sacks on the blitz, but Rufus Alexander probably had one of his weaker games this year and he cost the Sooners with two 15-penalties on a Tech scoring drive. Zach Latimer recorded six tackles, mostly downfield.

In pass support, the linebackers did not have a major impact either.

Grade: C


Even though Hodges completed two-thirds of his passes, the Oklahoma defensive backs did a good job for most of the game. D.J. Wolfe and Jason Carter picked up key interceptions to thwart Tech scoring drives, and Carter was effective in the blitz as well. Unfortunately, his pass deflection on fourth down on the final Tech drive wound up in the wrong hands, an unfortunately turn of events for the Sooners.

Do I even have to say it? Chijioke Onyenegetcha got his customary weekly pass interference call. This week, it was deserved. But he also made some nice plays in coverage, and the change of Darien Williams to safety was a positive one, as he was all over the field and recorded a team high 11 tackles.

For the most part, a decent job by Oklahoma's pass defenders. They weren't the problem in this one.

Grade: B

Special Teams

It was a tough day for kickers because of the wind, and it's too bad that Garrett Hartley's kickoff after the Sooners go-ahead touchdown sailed out of bounds. But it did, and that was a key factor in jump-starting Tech's winning drive. Because of the wind, the Sooners went for it on a couple of fourth down plays instead of sending Hartley in to try and field goal, so he was taken out of most of the game.

Cody Freeby had a 73-yard punt that the Sooners had a chance to down inside the five but couldn't and he averaged almost 48 yards on the day. But his worst kick with the wind, a 46-yarder, was a line drive that was returned 23 yards by Texas Tech and set the up in great field position for a score.

Other than that punt return, the Sooners kick coverage was good. As far as returns were concerned, the Sooners almost made a fatal mistake on the kickoff after Tech's first touchdown and they were lucky to recover the ball. Reggie Smith had just one kickoff return for 21 yards, and Jejuan Rankins returned one punt for 10 yards when it looked like he should have made much more.

Grade: B-


After the travesty that has been Big 12 officiating this season, it is time to add this category to the weekly report card. You know the officiating is bad when the defense makes contact before the snap and the refs don't even blow the whistle. That happened in this one, and when they finally did throw the flag, they got it wrong, as Oklahoma was called for being offside, when the naked eye and replays clearly showed the Tech's right tackle moving.

That was one of many blown calls on this windy day. The final drive by Tech should be included on all training videos for officials of what NOT to do in calling a game.

On that drive, the fourth down deflection that was caught by Tech was obviously short of first down yardage, but the officials spotted it improperly. A touchdown was signaled on a ball that still hasn't been caught as I write this report. And of course, Henderson did not get in the end zone on the final play of the game.

There were blown calls that benefited the Sooners as well - like J.D. Runnels hold that wasn't called on Peterson's go-ahead touchdown run. But in the end, OU was felled by frontier injustice.

Grade: F

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