Recruiting: Sooners in Texas DTs top five

Mansfield, Texas defensive tackle Adrian Taylor update.

Adrian Taylor, DT, 6-4, 260, 5.0, MANSFIELD, TEXAS:

JH: Are you still playing?

AT: "No, we didn't make the playoffs. We finished 5-5."

JH: How do you feel that you played this season?

AT: "I played as well as I could play, but we just never got it all together this season. I don't know what my stats are because I haven't checked on them. They don't really matter, because no matter what they are it doesn't change the fact we didn't make the playoffs."

JH: Did you get double- teamed all year?

AT: "If I ever got single-blocked they had to be doing a speed option or something like thate. Most of the time I was double- and triple-teamed, and they still didn't stop me."

JH: Have you taken any visits?

AT: "I haven't taken any yet, but I am about to. I still haven't received my test scores. They got messed up or something. They keep telling me that they will be here any day, but I haven't received them yet."

JH: Who do you plan to visit first?

AT: "I am going to go to UCLA as soon as I get my scores back. I don't know when, but I guess I can say soon."

JH: What other schools do you plan to visit?

AT: "I am also going to visit Oklahoma and Colorado, then I will probably visit Texas A&M and Arizona."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

AT: "They are in my top five. They have a great team and I like the fact that they play a lot of young players, or at least they did this year. I guess they always do that because when I watch them every year they have young players on the field. I like that a lot about OU. I would like that opportunity to play as a freshman if I deserve to play."

JH: Do you have a leader?

AT: "I don't, and I won't until I start taking my visits."

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