Bomar says offense gaining confidence

Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about the Sooners' offense after Saturday's loss to Texas Tech.

Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar continues to improve each and every game for the Sooners, and OU offensive coordinator Chuck Long says that Bomar is way ahead of the learning curve at this point in his career.

Bomar struggled for the first three quarters against Texas Tech only to once again come to life in the fourth quarter and ead the Sooners to two touchdown drives. Following practice tonight, Bomar stopped by to talk to about the disappointing loss to Texas Tech and the final game of the season against OSU this Saturday.

JH: I thought it was a difficult game offensively because of the chess match played between the OU offense and the Texas Tech defense. It just seemed like you didn't get into any kind of rhythm until the fourth quarter?

RB: "We struggled a little bit offensively until the fourth quarter I guess. We had a real good drive there at the end of the first quarter going into the second. We had a lot of good drives throughout the game, but we just kind of stalled once we got into our territory. We didn't get any points on them or come close to get any points of them or anything like that.

"I wouldn't say that we weren't moving it at all, but we did have a couple of drive where we went three-and-out. We were moving the ball and then the drive would stall and we wouldn't get any points on the board like we needed to. Once we got to the fourth quarter something clicked I guess. On those last two drives, I guess we knew we had to get it done. We wanted to win that game bad and we just started to move the ball pretty good."

JH: Coach Long said he felt the Texas Tech game was one of your better games this year, not statistically, but in all other aspects of your game from poise to leadership. What do you think?

RB: "Yeah, that is what he said to me. It is good to hear him say that. We didn't have any turnovers and I had a lot of times where I had to throw the ball away or dumped it down if something deep wasn't there. It is just part of your growth as a quarterback. Many of young guys will try to make plays by forcing stuff, and I am not doing that right now. That is just part of my maturing process."

JH: What are teams trying to do to stop Adrian Peterson, because it is obvious he is the focal point of every defense you go up against?

RB: "Tech didn't seem to do anything differently to try to stop him. They did what we had seen on film. They played a lot of coverage and they blitzed, but they started to stack the box a lot in the middle of the game. We came out with the mindset that we wanted to run the ball, and we were running the ball a lot early.

"We had some success with it at times, but it is hard when they stack the box up there and they make you throw it. I think we made some halftime adjustments and we came out in the fourth quarter and we started to put those in. The adjustments did a better job for us."

JH: You have to be a confident player right now, because offensively you always seem to have the ability to come back and put points on the board or to be able to move the ball in the fourth quarter?

RB: "Yeah, every time we get the ball in crunch time we feel like we are going to go score. We are that confident, even though we do have a lot of young guys on the team. I think in the past four games, or whatever, we have been in these situations so they become second nature to us. It is not like we are going out there nervous or believing that we can't move the ball. We are pretty confident we are going to move the ball in those situations."

JH: Was there extreme confidence in the huddle because OU started to dominate the line of scrimmage?

RB: "You have guys in the huddle encouraging everybody, and I am always one of those guys. I will say stuff to everybody and encourage them and get them up. We may use some words that I am not going to say right now, but I get them fired up in the huddle. That is how you have to do it at this level, especially with your offensive line.

"When we were pounding those last few drives I was getting into their face telling them that they were doing a great job and everything like that. You just have to do that, but it doesn't matter if I say anything to them or not the offense is still going to produce."

JH: You are playing with a unique running back, aren't you, when AD is shucking defenders off of him instead of running around them?

RB: "No doubt. That last run was great. He is a big guy so I wouldn't want to tackle him head on to tell you the truth, and I am not one to shy away from stuff like that. But I am not an idiot. I would probably go low on him too."

JH: Fans ask me to ask you one question and that is what has happened to the tight end in the OU offense? Have those guys totally disappeared?

RB: "I think we are going to take the tight end totally out of the offense. No, I am kidding. They are still there, but a lot of things happen in a game and we work on plays sometimes that we don't even run in the game. When you get into the flow of the game everything is different and everything happens so fast that you don't get to do everything that you want to do.

"You want to get the ball to them because we have some great players at tight end, but it has just happened that we haven't been able to that much recently. You might see more of that this week, and then again you might not. It just depends on the game and the situations."

JH: It is a matter of a read in the passing game? They are still a part of your progressions aren't they? Or are you are just reading the play right?

RB: "That is right. We might have some plays where they are the main target, but the defense lines up such that I have to throw to the other side. Those receivers on the other side are going to be open, because of the way the defense lines up. A lot of times it is the read process. If they are my third read on a lot of plays then I am not going to get to them."

JH: What are your thoughts on OSU?

RB: "OSU is a good team. They might come in just 4-6, but that record is misleading. They had Texas down big and they beat Texas Tech a team that beat us. You know they are going to come to town and play us tough. They are not going to go to a bowl so this will be their big game of the year."

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