Recruiting: OU gets next shot at St. Louis DE

Jerry Brown talks about his game, recruiting list and upcoming visit to Norman.

Jerry Brown, DE, 6'5, 251, 4.9, ST. LOUIS (VASHON HS) MISSOURI:

JH: Are you still playing?

JB: "We lost the last game in our district. We finished our season at 6-4."

JH: What kind of season did you have?

JB: "On defense 97 tackles, 13 sacks and one interception. They tried to throw a screen play and I stepped in front of it and picked it off. I don't have one game of stats figured in yet. I really want those stats included, because I want to finish with over 100 tackles. I have never finished with 100 tackles and I know when that one game is included that I am going to have over 100 tackles. I think I had a good year, but my goal to get 100 tackles and I look forward to seeing that total."

JH: What position do you feel you will play in college?

JB: "I am being recruited at defensive end and tight end. I think I am better at defensive end, but I also realize that tight end is a possibility."

JH: What is your visit schedule?

JB: "I am going to Oklahoma this weekend."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

JB: "I have the same great thoughts about Oklahoma from the time when I visited Oklahoma before. I am looking forward to seeing something different than what I saw at Nebraska."

JH: Does Oklahoma have a legitimate chance to sign you?

JB: "I could see myself playing at Oklahoma. I really feel I can get into their rotation at defensive end or putting on some good pounds and moving inside to defensive tackle. I think I can be good at both positions and I like the situation at both positions at Oklahoma. I think I could get into the rotation at defensive end next year, and if I can put on enough weight I think I could do the same at defensive end."

JH: So how many visits have you been to so far?

JB: "I have been to Nebraska officially and Missouri unofficially. Oklahoma is going to be my second official visit and then I am going to Illinois the following week. Then I will take my official visit to Missouri the week after that."

JH: At one time you were committed to Illinois, so what is your status with them at this time?

JB: "I would say that I am a soft commit to Illinois, but I am still looking around at other schoolsl."

JH: Your recruiting seems to take a lot of twist and turns?

JB: "My recruiting is like a roller coaster — up and down. It is exciting. For instance, I have added Tennessee to my list of visits in January and I have cancelled Michigan State. My recruiting has been up and down some, but I want to make sure I am visiting the schools I want to visit."

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