Recruiting: OU in the mix for Houston OL/TE

Houston, Texas OL/TE Russell Okung update.

Russell Okung, OL, 6'5, 238, 4.8, HOUSTON (BUSH HS), TEXAS:

Russell Okung
is a freak of an athlete, who because of his size draws attention from a number of different coaches.

"I played offensive tackle all year," said Okung. "I started the season at 250 pounds, but for some reason lost weight down to 238. You can say that I am at 238 right now. I am being recruited at both offensive tackle and tight end, so I guess schools are looking at me at a couple of different positions. I didn't play tight end in high school, but some college coaches have told me that I am athletic enough to play tight end in college."

Okung has the frame to play at 300 pounds or better in college and all he needs to do is get on a good weight program and get after it.

"I don't know how I graded out this year, but I know I had a great year," said Okung. "I would say that every game that I played in this year I had a highlight type of game."

Okung can bench 340 pounds, squat 470 and has posted a 32-inch vertical jump. Okung also throws the shot and discus in track and he has a throw of 153 feet for the discus.

Okung, who went to summer camps at Texas A&M and LSU, has 12 offers at this point and he is mulling over his options.

"I am narrowing down my options," said Okung. "I like Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, LSU and Nebraska. They are schools that I know I am going to consider. I wouldn't say they are a top four because I don't know that yet. I am pretty sure I am going to squeeze in Texas A&M and maybe Texas Tech."

What are Okung's thoughts on Oklahoma?

"I know they are going to win games and that is important to me," said Okung. "I know they are going to play for championships and go to bowl games. I want to major in business marketing and I need to find out what kind of program OU has in this major. I know they have a real good school, but I just need to find out what kind of program they have in business marketing.

"I really don't have my visits set up yet. I was going to take a couple of visits over the next couple of weeks, but I have had something happen in my family that is going to set my back just for a little while. I will get my visits set to those four schools for sure and maybe Texas A&M or Texas Tech."

Okung's academics look like they are in order.

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