RECRUITING: The next Roy Williams?

Lewisville free safety Tony Cade talks about the comparrisons and his family ties in Oklahoma

TONY CADE, FS, 6'2 ¼, 199, 4.43, LEWISVILLE, TEXAS:

Let me introduce you to the next Roy Williams. Tony Cade is regarded by many as the top free safety prospect in the country and thanks to his size he reminds many of the former Oklahoma All-American, Jim Thorpe Award winner and recent first round draft choice of the Dallas Cowboys.

Cade is heading into his third year as a starter, playing cornerback his sophomore season before switching to free safety last season. Playing corner, Cade didn't get much action, thus he switched to safety so teams couldn't avoid him.

"Teams never threw in my area as a sophomore and when a senior graduated after my sophomore year I asked to move to safety and I have been there every since," said Cade. "At safety, I can survey the whole field and really control what is going on in the secondary. I am a very aggressive safety and at times I am over-aggressive.

"This spring I worked on reading coverage's more, and to not be so aggressive that I take myself out of coverage."

Last season Cade finished with 85 tackles, eight interceptions, seven blocks in the kicking game, three fumble recoveries and one caused fumble.

This summer will be the first that Cade goes to summer football camps and he wants to stay close to home at Texas and OU. Cade can bench 300 pounds, squats 355 and has a 37-inch vertical jump.

Already, Cade has over 20 offers from all the over the country is narrowing down his top choices.

"I like OU, Texas, Miami, Florida, Texas A&M and UCLA," said Cade. "I am not going to say that I have a favorite and right now. Everybody is on the same playing field," Cade continued.

What has peaked Cade's interest in the Sooners

"At Oklahoma, they have a great school, great institution and I just like the people. OU knows how to win regardless of their situation. A lot of teams have great talent, but they never figure out ways to win, but Oklahoma always has the answer on winning games," said Cade.

"They have great talent that knows how to win. Texas also has a good program and all the programs that I am looking at are top-notch. They all have great institutions and I have to figure out what is best for me and how I fit into their basic plans."

"I have been told that I would play Roy Williams' position (at OU) and that is great. Other colleges tell me that I will play their main defensive position. It is incredible to be compared to Williams, but I don't want to follow in anybody's footsteps. I want to make my own name for myself and I will do that in college."

Cade will add wide receiver to his resume this season, but he doesn't expect to get the ball much as Lewisville runs the wishbone.

Cade was born in Tulsa and he still has family there. Cade also has an Aunt that is currently enrolled at OU and lives a block or two from the Norman campus.

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