OU-Oklahoma State Grade Card

See inside for a position-by-position breakdown of OU's 42-14 win over OSU. Pictured above: Sooner tight end James Moses scores on a touchdown pass from Rhett Bomar in the second quarter. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Another productive day for Rhett Bomar. He would have had four touchdown passes and close to 300 yards passing had it not been for two dropped passes. As it was, he wound up 13-21 for 201 yards and three scores, the most touchdown passes he's thrown in one game. On target for most of the game, Bomar made one big mistake and it resulted in his first interception in almost a month.

Twice, he was forced to run out of the pocket and both times he racked up long gains. His judgment was once again solid and coach Bob Stoops had no complaints after the contest.

Not a perfect game, but pretty close.

Grade: A-

Running Backs
AD. ‘Nuff said. Adrian Peterson turned a frustrating first half into a record-setting second half, burning the Pokes for two long distance touchdown runs. His 210 yard second half was the best half ever by an OU back. It also helped him to reach 1,000 yards for the season. In two games against OSU, Peterson has rushed for 459 yards.

Allen Patrick showed some nifty moves on his 27-yard touchdown run that provided the Sooners first score. He only touched the ball three times after that. Kejuan Jones had a couple of nice runs, as did Jacob Gutierrez, and Donta Hickson became the fifth OU ball carrier to record a run of at least 10 yards before being injured.

J.D. Runnels didn't carry the ball from the backfield, but again caught two passes, one of them for 35 yards.

As a group, the running backs averaged eight yards per carry. Not too shabby.

Grade: A

Offensive Line
They had difficulty in the first half as OSU sold out for the run, but persistence paid off in the second half, as the Sooners had their biggest rushing day of the year, 354 yards. The Pokes didn't come close to laying a hand on Bomar all day long on passing players either.

The only drawback – a slew of holding penalties. But when you produce 560 yards of total offense, those things can be somewhat overlooked.

Saving the best for last, the line gets a big atta boy in this one.

Grade: A

OU does have a tight end, in case you were wondering. Bubba Moses shocked everyone by catching a pass on the Sooners first throw of the game. And for good measure, he caught two more, including one for a TD. He did drop one that would have been a big gainer, but hey, when you only see the ball once a month that can be forgiven.

Manuel Johnson dropped what would have been a sure TD but came back to redeem himself with a great catch and run for six later in the game. Juaquin Iglesias also got on the TD train and Malcolm Kelly surprisingly had only one catch for 25 yards.

The drops knock the grade down somewhat, but it was still a good showing overall.

Grade: B

Defensive Line

Only 13 net yards allowed puts the front back in good graces this week. And they also made Mike Hamilton's quest for a 1,000 yard season mission impossible by holding him to just 20 yards on 11 carries. In fact, OSU's longest running play of the day was nine yards on a scramble by Al Pena.

One of the four sacks was awarded to the defensive line and they came close on a number of other occasions. Dusty Dvoracek disrupted the Cowboys offense all day in his home finale.

After faltering in the previous two weeks, the D-Line got back in good graces after this one.

Grade: A

A stellar game for the entire crew. Clint Ingram, the "ball magnet" as coach Bob Stoops calls him, picked up his fourth interception of the year and he was tough in coverage all day. Zach Latimer recorded two sacks and Rufus Alexander one, and Alexander was all over the field, recording three other tackles for losses.

Half of the eight yardage losing plays by OSU came at the hands of Sooner linebackers.

The entire front seven made it 60 minutes of hell for the Pokes on Saturday.

Grade: A

Defensive Backs

They gave up just three plays all day, accounting for 107 of the Cowboys 126 passing yards. But overall, it was an outstanding game for the secondary, highlighted by the fact that for the first time since Moses was a baby, Chijioke Onyenegecha didn't get a pass interference penalty.

What probably happened is that the referees mistook D.J. Wolfe's #25 for CO's #22. How else could you explain the interference call on Wolfe on a ball that was 20 yards out of bounds.

All the defensive backs tackled well and kept the Cowboys covered downfield.

Grade: A-

Special Teams

Another good outing for punter Cody Freeby. Ditto for Garrett Hartley on kickoffs. Even though he didn't have any field goal opportunities in this one, Hartley put five of his seven kickoffs in the end zone for touchbacks.

The Sooners coverage was excellent, as they allowed only 32 return yards on five punt and kickoff returns. On the flip side, the Sooners return game produced little, but there were no mishandled kicks, either.

At least three times, it looked like Russell Dennison could have blocked a punt, but he didn't lay out for the finish.

This was the least exciting part of the game and sometimes, that's a good thing.

Grade: B

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