Recruiting: Top Texas OL discusses OU visit

Houston, Texas five-star OL Ian Symonette says he'll compare his future visits to Oklahoma.

Ian Symonette, OL, 6-9, 330m HOUSTON (ST. PIUS X HS), TEXAS:

JH: What did you think of your visit to OU this weekend?

IS: "It was fun. I liked everything about it."

JH: Since it was your first time in Norman, what did you learn about the program that you didn't know before?

IS: "I learned everything I could about the football program and the academic program that they had. It was a very good opportunity for me."

JH: Who showed you around Norman?

IS: "I first got I meet Coach Stoops and hung out with him a little bit. Coach Stoops is an excellent guy, great coach and he was very informative. I also hung out with Branndon Braxton and Duke Robinson, and that was fun. They showed me around town and we had a good time after the game."

JH: Did you watch the offensive line much.

IS: "I was looking at their style play and how competitive they were. They were very impressive on Saturday."

JH: Now that you have visited OU, how does that influence your recruiting decision?

IS: "Now that I have visited Oklahoma I know a lot more about their program. Now, when I take my other visits I can factor in what I learned from this visit against the other schools."

JH: Your mom made the trip with you so how did she like the visit? And will she make the other trips with you?

IS: "She liked it also. She thought it was a great school and she liked how things were run around the school, especially the academic side of it. My mom will also make my other visits with me."

JH: When is your next trip?

IS: "I go to LSU in two weeks, and I go to Miami on the 16th (December)."

JH: What are your thoughts on recruiting with one visit in the book?

IS: "I think it is shaping up pretty well. When I complete all my visits then I am going to be able to sit down and decide on which schools I like best."

JH: Does OU have a good chance to sign you?

IS: "Yes sir. I think that they do."

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