Recruiting: OU commit Macon visits Norman

Corpus Christi, Texas DL and OU commit Pryce Macon talks about his official visit to Norman.

Pryce Macon, DT, 6-1, 251, CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS:

JH: How did you like your visit to OU this weekend?

PM: "It was great. I had fun."

JH: What did you like most about the trip?

PM: "I got to hang out with a lot of players during their off time before and after the game. I got a chance to feel like I was part of the team and that I was already on the team. They made me feel great. I had a great host (Calvin Thibodeaux) and he answered all the questions that I had about making the transition from high school to college football."

JH: So you enjoyed going through game day with the team?

PM: "I got to do everything that they would do. I just tagged right along. As we walked in I had a few people yell my name and they told me that they couldn't wait until the see me in a Sooner uniform. That was a big thrill for me."

JH: What did you think about the atmosphere of the game?

PM: "The game was real intense. When Oklahoma was coming out to warm up I don't know how Oklahoma State was right in front of the exit, and when the to teams met face-to-face I thought things were going to erupt. You could just feel the tension between the two schools. We were right down on the field and I am thinking that up there games are on another level."

JH: Did the fact you were committed change how you went to the game?

PM: "I got to hang out with James Henry and Brandon Caleb, who were also committed. We talked about how we couldn't wait until we were stepping out on the field making it happen as well.

JH: So there is no question about your commitment to OU is there?

PM: "Oh yeah, I am done. I am totally committed to OU."

JH: Did you just watch the game or did you watch the defensive ends and defensive tackles?

PM: "I watched the defensive ends a lot and there is a lot more technique used in the collegiate level. They are quicker and the offensive tackles are bigger and stronger. They use more technique as well. I have a lot to learn when I get to OU."

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