Caleb: "It was a great atmosphere"

Fork Union, Va. receiver and OU commit Brandon Caleb talks about his visit to Norman.

Brandon Caleb, WR, 6-1, 192, 4.45, FORK UNION, VIRGINIA:

JH: How did you enjoy your visit this weekend?

BC: "I enjoyed the visit a lot."

JH: What did you like about the visit the most?

BC: "We shared a moment with the team. We went to their practice and went to the movie with them. Coach Stoops was with us wherever we went and that was great. We rode with the team on Saturday to the stadium. I sat in with Coach Wyatt's meetings on Friday and Saturday. I felt like I was already part of the team. I was ready to go."

JH: What movie did you see?

BC: "We saw Jarhead together. It was alright."

JH: What did you think of the game?

BC: "It was live! I was so exciting. I think there were 85,000 people there and the crowd was so exciting. It was a great atmosphere."

JH: Did you just enjoy the game or were you paying attention to the wide receivers?

BC: "I tried to enjoy the game and the experience, but I paid attention to the wide receivers and how they were playing. I was really paying attention to Juaquin Iglesias on his touchdown and watched how Coach Wyatt reacted to his touchdown."

JH: How did it feel to be on the visit already being a committed recruit?

BC: "It was a real good feeling already being committed. All of us recruits were down on the field before the game and the fans were giving us a lot of love. It was a real good feeling."

JH: How did you and your team do this season?

BC: "We finished 8-4 and lost in the championship game. I think I had 11 touchdowns on the season, but I don't have my stats in front of me."

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