Recruiting: N.C. DT back from Normam

Wendell, N.C. defensive tackle Aleric Mullins talks about his official visit to Norman.

Aleric Mullins, DT, 6-2.5, 315, WENDELL (EAST WAKE HS), NORTH CAROLINA:

JH: How did you and your team play this season?

AM: "We finished 8-3 and lost in the second round of the playoffs. I can't tell you my stats, but I feel I played real well. I got doubled-teamed a whole bunch, but still made plays and my teammates made some plays off of those double-teams."

JH: How did you like your visit to OU this past weekend?

AM: "It was real good. I liked it a lot. I liked it a whole lot."

JH: What did you like most about the visit?

AM: "I enjoyed talking to the players and coaches the most. I had a chance to sit down and just talk to Coach (Bob) Stoops and that was something that I really enjoyed. I didn't just talk football with Coach Stoops. I talked to him about a lot of different things. Then I had a chance to just talk to several players, and that was something that I really enjoyed. I talked to Cory Bennett and he shared all kinds of things with me about the program and about Coach Stoops. Cory talked about how Coach Stoops is a great family man and that he makes us a part of his family."

JH: What did you learn about OU that you didn't know before the visit?

AM: "I knew a lot about them because they were one of my five schools going into the visit, so I had done a lot of research about them. I knew what you could read about them or what you could find out about them in the internet. What I didn't know was about how great the players and coaches were and what kind of atmosphere was at OU. I found out that OU is the big sports team in town and that the fans really get behind their team. Everywhere I went it was OU this and OU that and the fans were so into their team. The game was exciting and the fans were really into the game. It was just crazy."

JH: Did you just watch the game or did you just pay attention to the defensive tackles and how they were playing?

AM: "I basically just watched the game, but I couldn't help but watch the defensive tackles some. They had a great game and it looked like they really caused some problems for OSU in that game."

JH: Did you get a chance to meet Coach Jackie Shipp?

AM: "I got a chance to spend time with Coach Shipp and Coach (Chris) Wilson. They were both very down to earth and both seemed to be very humble. I know they are great coaches because their players talk so highly about them. And I know they care about their players, which is important to me."

JH: Was that your first visit?

AM: "Yes, it was."

JH: Now that you have visited OU what would you say about recruiting and where you stand with certain schools?

AM: "My recruiting is still wide open. That was the first visit and I wanted to visit OU on my first visit. I have heard so much about them that I wanted to see what OU was like before I take my other visits. My next visit is to Tennessee (1-13) and then I go to Florida (1-20). I don't have any others set up and I don't know who else I will visit."

JH: Based on your visit to OU would you say they enhanced their chances to sign you?

AM: "Now that I have taken a visit and seen what they are all about, OU has a very good chance to sign me. I don't want to say I have a leader, but OU has a good chance to sign me."

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