Recruiting: Is he or isn't he?

One day after telling 'I am a Sooner', Schertz, Texas four-star James Henry talks about his in-home visit with Bobby Jack Wright and rumors of interest in Texas.


(With all the talk about Henry not being a solid commitment to OU because of what he reportedly says to Texas sites, I decided to call Henry back and see if anything had changed from yesterday.)

OUIN: Have you talked to Oklahoma since you returned home?

JH: "Coach Wright just left my house about an hour ago. We really liked his visit. My parents like it and we had a good time with him."

OUIN: What did Coach Wright talk about?

JH: "He was more talking to my family than he was me. He talked to my grandparents because he did not have a chance to meet them. They were laughing and having a great time. He talked about everything but football it seemed tonight. He talked to my parents and grandparents more than me, which is what I wanted to see."

OUIn: Other published reports say that you are still considering Texas and that you are not a solid commitment to OU. Are those reports true?

JH: "Yes, I am going to have an in-home visit with Texas in a couple of weeks. Like I have said, I want to open up my options because this is a very important decision for me. This decision will affect my life for many years to come. I am not going to stop people from calling me or coming to visit me if they want to, but make no mistake about it I am still committed to Oklahoma. If they want to come and visit me then fine, but I am not going to visit them."

OUIn: Do you tell schools that you are committed to OU and if you do then do schools still try to set up visits with you?

JH: "Yes, I tell them and they just say cool and keep on talking to me. It depends on what school it is. I guess if they still feel they have a chance to recruit me then they keep recruiting me, but I tell them all I am committed to OU."

OUIn: So you are saying that you are still totally committed to OU, but if some other schools want to come or talk or come buy then you will talk to them?

JH: "Yes sir. OU has always been my favorite team and they have not done anything for me not to be committed to them. Plus, I know how great they are going to be over the next few years. Like I have said, I am going to keep my options open because I owe it to myself to do that. But that doesn't mean I am not committed to OU."

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