Recruiting: Sooners visit juco DE

Five-star junior college DE Louis Holmes talks recruiting and about in-home visit with OU.


JH: What kind of season did you have?

LH: "I finished with 120 tackles and seven sacks this season. I had 12 sacks last year and 115 tackles. I got double-teamed, triple-teamed. Teams paid a lot of attention to me. I just had to pick up my game and fight through it. Last year I got more one-on-one opportunities and this year I was also double- or triple-teamed."

JH: Did you go to LSU last weekend?

LH: "I went to LSU last weekend."

JH: How did you like that visit?

LH: "It was alright. It was cool."

JH: Anything else you want to say about it?

LH: "No, not really. It was cool."

JH: That was your second visit wasn't it?

LH: "My first visit was to USC."

JH: Are you going to visit anybody this weekend?

LH: "This week I am going to rest up and try to get away from all this recruiting stuff, and then next week I am going to go to Florida."

JH: Are you going to take your five visits?

LH: "I don't know."

JH: "Are you still considering Oklahoma?

LH: "Yeah, I am."

JH: Are you still talking to OU?

LH: "Yeah, I do. Coach (Chris) Wilson was out here yesterday to visit with me. That visit went well. We talked just about everything."

JH: Are you going to visit OU?

LH: "That is something that I am still thinking over, but that is a good possibility though."

JH: I have never got the feeling that you are shot in the arm with any of team and that you are not caught up in this team or that team?

LH: "No, I have never been a fan of a particular team. It doesn't matter where I go because I know if I take care of my business that I am going to go the league. So, it doesn't matter where I go. It is not about where I go, but about what I do when I get there. I am not too tied up into 'all these schools are the best' type stuff."

JH: What is it you are looking for in recruiting?

LH: "I am just looking for the best fit for me. I am not worrying about pleasing somebody else. I am going to make myself happy first. I am not out to make coaches happy, but I will if I play. I am the one that goes out on the field and I have to do what is right for me."

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