Recruiting: Jenks OL has OU in his final four

Jenks, Okla. offensive lineman Chase Beeler talks about his final four and interest in Oklahoma.

Chase Beeler, OL, 6-3, 275, JENKS, OKLAHOMA:

JH: I know you were disappointed to lose in the first round of the playoffs?

CB: "We were wrecked by injuries. We lost some key defensive starters and we had some problems on the offensive line getting our starters situated. It is no excuse, but we are a young team. It is frustrating to watch the state semi-finals, and of the four teams we had beaten three of those. We just didn't win when we needed to."

JH: How did you do this season?

CB: "I thought I played pretty well. Everybody has their off game, but as a whole I did well. I didn't play a great game in our final against Sapulpa, but overall on the season I played well."

JH: Now that your season is over are you ready to take your visits?

CB: "During the season I went to OSU and Northwestern and this weekend I am going Stanford. The following weekend I go to OU. I probably won't take a fifth unless something just drops that I can't refuse. Best case scenario is that I would like to make up my mind in mid-December."

JH: From your standpoint, how is recruiting going at this time?

CB: "I am not going to consider anybody but those four schools. I think I have found what I am looking for in those four schools, whether it is academic, socially or from a football standpoint. So, until I can visit all four of those schools I really can't sit down and evaluate which school is best for me. Once I do visit the four schools then I will have a pretty good idea where I am going."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

CB: "Oklahoma is amongst those four, so it is looking pretty promising for them. They have a great program and growing up watching that program certainly peaks my interest. Coach Stoops is a great coach and doing a great job there building that program. One thing that I am going to look into is their academic situation. I know they have good academics, but I have to make sure they have what I am majoring in and what my interests are.

"I want to look into political science, history or philosophy and I want to see where they stand in those majors. I am not really math or science oriented, so I want to make sure my academic direction is headed where it needs to be. I am supposed to meet with President Boren on my visit to talk about the academics at OU, and I am looking forward to that."

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