Recruiting: Stoops visits Texas LB Thursday

Haltom City, Texas four-star linebacker Anthony Lewis talks about his in-home visit with Bob Stoops and his final two schools.

Anthony Lewis, LB, HALTOM CITY, TEXAS:

JH: I understand you had an in-home visit from Bob Stoops tonight?

AL: "We had a great time tonight with Coach (Bob) Stoops. My parents and I had a great discussion with Coach Stoops about his program and about the university. He told me about the academic program at OU and how he personally looks into the academic progress of every player that he has on the team.

"He also told us about all the positives about his program, and when I asked him the negatives about his program he couldn't think of any. It was kind of funny. I don't blame him for not bringing up any negatives.

"Throughout the recruiting process Coach (Brent) Venables has been my favorite coach to deal with. Coach Venables wasn't with Coach Stoops tonight, but I really enjoy talking to Oklahoma and the coaching staff."

JH: When you have Coach Stoops or any coach in your home do you have a set bunch of questions that you ask? Or do you sit back and ask what comes into your head?

AL: "I just let it go and wing it. I just wait to see what is said and ask questions as they come into my head."

JH: Are you done taking visits?

AL: "I have visited all the schools that I am still considering. I am still looking at OU and Texas A&M. My decision is down to those two schools."

JH: Are those two programs pretty similar?

AL: "There are similarities between people within the program, but there are differences in the program. Right now Texas A&M is in a building stage, while OU is already built up and in a position to play for championships. OU is building on winning programs every year."

JH: Are you close to making a decision?

AL: "I am pretty close to making a decision. I am looking hard at the chemistry between the coaches and the players."

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