RECRUITING: DeSoto LB plans to camp at OU

Profile on DeSoto, Texas linebacker Victor DeGrate

VICTOR DeGRATE, LB, 6'3, 230, 4.6, DeSoto, Texas:

DeGrate is an outstanding middle linebacker prospect that seems to play faster than his forty time indicates. Victor admits that he has been clocked at 4.53 before, but says that consistently he is somewhere around 4.6 in the forty, which is plenty fast for a middle backer.

A 3-year starter DeGrate has played the majority of his career inside, but he has also dabbled outside some.

"I am a very physical player, but I am quick also," said DeGrate. "It doesn't take me long to get to the ball. I think I play fast and I play hard on every play."

Last season DeGrate finished with 123 tackles, despite missing four games. DeGrate also had 13 sacks, two fumbles caused, one fumble recovery and one interception in those nine games.

DeGrate can bench 300 pounds and he squats 530.

DeGrate had no camp experience, but he hopes to go to Texas, OU and Missouri this upcoming summer. DeGrate says Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, Oklahoma, Syracuse, and Iowa are schools that he is interested in.

"Missouri, Arkansas and Houston are the three schools that have offered me at this time," said DeGrate. "I talked to Coach (Brent) Venables and I really enjoyed talking to him. He also came to a practice of mine and was really paying attention to what I was doing. I can tell he has an interest in me. I really like Oklahoma and we will have to see what happens there, however I really don't have a favorite at this time."

DeGrate takes his test in June.

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