Recruiting: OU juco DT commit looking around

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M juco DT Jeremy Gibbs talks about the status of his commitment to Oklahoma.


JH: How did your season go?

JG: "I had 83 tackles and seven sacks. I was named first-team all-conference.

JH: How well do you feel you played?

JG: "I think I played well. My teammates and coaches told me that I played well and that is all I cared about. I played as hard as I could. I reached one of my goals and that was to be named first-team all-conference. I am waiting to see if I will make first team All-American.

JH: Are you still a solid commitment to OU at this time?

JG: "Right now I am a soft commitment to OU. I just feel I need to look around to make sure that Oklahoma is the right place for me. I committed very early to OU. I still like OU and I will probably end up at OU, but I committed so early that I feel I need to check out a few other schools."

JH: What other schools are you considering?

JG "I am also looking at Oregon, Colorado, Iowa State and Oklahoma State."

JH: Have you told Oklahoma about this?

JG: "Yes. In fact, it is because of the way that Coach Shipp is dealing with this that I think I will still go to Oklahoma. Coach Shipp has been so helpful to me during this process that he has shown me that he really cares for me as a person. He has told me to take other visits, because he knows after I take those visits that I am still going to see that Oklahoma is the best school for me. Coach Shipp has shown me another side of him and that he can be a very caring person. I can tell he cares about me as a person and that means a lot to me. My relationship with Coach Shipp has improved during this process, and that is something that means a lot to me."

JH: Could it be that your improved relationship will eventually help OU sign you in the end?

JG: Yes, definitely. I think the fact that my relationship with Coach Shipp is improving so much, and that he is showing me that he appreciates me as a man, that after I take my visits that I will wind up at OU."

JH: What is your visit schedule?

JG: "I went to Oregon last weekend and this weekend I am going to Oklahoma. Following Oklahoma, I am going to Iowa State then Colorado and Oklahoma State following that."

JH: So while you take these visits you say that you are a soft commitment to OU?

JG: "Yes, I am a soft commitment OU and the odds are I will sign with OU."

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