Recruiting: Five-star RB trims list to three

Las Vegas running back DeMarco Murray talks about his visit to USC and breaks down his final three schools.


JH: What did you think of your visit to USC?

DM: "It went well! I got to know the players and coaches much better than I did before. I had a great time down there. They really showed me around there."

JH: What is it like to go on a visit at USC?

DM: "It is great, especially when you consider how good they have been. It just felt good to be out there and hang out with the champs from last year. It was fun to be part of their dorm for the weekend."

JH: Did you see Hollywood or just concentrate on football?

DM: "They just concentrated on football with us. I did get to hang out with the players a little bit later after the game and had a chance to see some things, but for the most part it was football related."

JH: What did USC tell you about how they wanted to use you?

DM: "They actually want me as a DB a little more than they want me as a running back. They told me that I would be able to play running back and that they would move me around like 'Reg' (Reggie Bush). But they also want me as a DB and kick returner. I guess they would use me mostly on defense I guess."

JH: Now that you have visited Southern Cal what are your thoughts on recruiting and how things stack up at this point?

DM: "I think that is going to be my last visit. I was thinking about taking a visit out to Penn State, but I don't think I am going to do that. So, I think USC is going to be my last visit. Oklahoma, Florida and USC are going to be my final three, and those are going to be the schools that I listen to from this point forward."

JH: So you are now in the process of trying to make a decision right?

DM: "Yes, that is right."

JH: How would you say all three schools stack up at this time?

DM: "Every school that I have been to has a great campus, great coaching staff and great players. I think all three are going to be real good in the future. In all the offenses, I can fit in well and I understand how all three are recruiting me. Most are the same, but there are some differences between the three. I just need to make a choice where I feel most comfortable as far as players, city and coaching staff."

JH: Do you have a favorite at this point?

DM: "At this point, no, I don't."

JH: You are saying that you have an open mind about the three schools?

DM: "Yes."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

DM: "I think Oklahoma is a good team. I think they have the greatest coaching staff right now in college football. Out of all the coaching staffs that are recruiting me, I have the best relationship with those coaches and am closer to those coaches than any other. I love the Sooners and I have always been a big fan. They are a great program."

JH: When you look at all three teams and how you fit in with those schools, whether you can play early and how you will be used, how do they all match up?

DM: "I know USC has a lot of great players there. I think they have signed a running back and they have two others committed, or they have two already going into next year. At Oklahoma, I know they have two running backs in Adrian (Peterson) and Jacob (Gutierrez), so I think I can play early there. I know that Florida has three young guys backs, so that is there situation. I think I can play wherever I go, but I kind of feel more comfortable that I can play at Oklahoma because of the guys they have."

JH: In your opinion, can you be the punt returner wherever you go?

DM: "Yes, I think returning punts is fun. I love returning punts and kicks. I think it would be very possible for me to do that."

JH: Is that something that you would want to do?

DM: "Yes."

JH: Did you return punts in high school? And if so, did any team kick the ball to you?

DM: "We had a punt returner, but in our last couple of games he got hurt and I returned punts. I did pretty well."

JH: Do you catch punts very well?

DM: "Yes, I catch them very well."

JH: How do you want to get used in an offense?

DM: "I want to be used all over the field. I want to be a running back, slot and maybe a little receiver. I want to be used all over the field. I want to get the ball in as many ways as I can."

JH: Do you still plan to announce your decision at the Scout Network U.S. Army All-American game?

DM: "Yes sir. That is when I am still going to announce my decision."

JH: What coaches are you going to see this week?

DM: "Today, I am going to see USC Assistant Coach (Greg) Burns. On Thursday I have Coach (Cale) Gundy coming in, and then this weekend I have Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach Gundy back in here. Next week I have Coach (Urban) Meyer and Coach Drayton coming in from Florida."

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